Singing Praises

Since I started doing your videos and reading your inspirational emails, I feel a deeper closeness to Christ and a desire to spend even more time with him.
— Vanessa Leahey
I am now doing your yoga lessons twice a day and friends are already commenting on how great I look, how happy I am, and how they see a real change in me! So thank you from my heart for being such a blessing.
— Bethany Balme
I am a beginner at best... but your yoga videos are changing my life. I have had an overactive nervous system since I can remember and it started causing me chronic pelvic pain and pelvic floor dysfunction six months ago. When I do your videos I am calm and pain free. Thank you.
— Alysa Strei
The retreat was absolutely incredible. I learned so much from you, it is difficult for me to put into words how precious this evening was to me. I believe God led me to you and I really want to spend more time learning from you and your beautiful spirit.
— Mel Thomas