I'm wearing this Dress for you.

(Not for him)


I want you to know your inner sexy isn't bad.

Keep God. Drop the religious baggage.  What if the story you were told about sex and being a woman wasn't all that true? Who would be and how many more orgasms could you have if you grew up hearing how awesome sex is and how magical and sacred your body? Find out...


Some other things I want you to know...

You are not broken. You are whole. 

If you've gotten the message that something about you, your desires, or your body is too much or not enough I'm so sorry. I got those messages too. They hurt and that kind of social and religious conditioning effects us at a deep, deep level. The thing is, inside each of us is a hidden wholeness and when we learn how to restore our own original essence everything starts to change.

Rewrite the messages you received. »

Your sexuality belongs to you.

Oh my goodness, why did this take me into my thirties to get this?! The idea that my sexuality belonged to me was an entirely new concept. Crazy, huh? Or maybe not... Most women don't feel connected to their own sexuality because it's always been controlled or needed to be "unlocked" by someone else.  There are lots of problems with this, and low desire for sex is just the beginning. When something doesn't feel like ours giving it away doesn't feel sacred.  But sex IS sacred and truly desiring sex begins by knowing that your body (and it's healthy desires) belong to you. 

Take back your body»

Delight (a.k.a pleasure) is a spiritual practice.

Do you want to know what the most ancient feminine spiritual practice is? Pleasure.  You can read about it in Proverbs 8 from the mouth of Sophia/Wisdom herself.  She was there alongside God from the beginning and she tells us that daily she filled herself with delight. (Delight is a polite way of saying pleasure. Other synonyms are bliss, ecstasy, rapture).  Are you filling up enough on these things? Get your fill and...

Hear other lost truths in the art of being a wise "Sophia" woman»


Morgan Day Cecil

Hi! I'm here to help women who feel a connection to the Holy Spirit find freedom and wholeness at the deepest level of their body and mind, so that they can experience love (and pleasure!) to the full. Everything is sacred. Let's rewrite the story around sex. #nomoreshame


the greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.

— Edeb Abhez


Sophia Retreats

One part whimsical and luxurious restoration. One part advanced training in the art of feminine wholeness. One part epically awesome girl time (with lots of Prosecco).