Summer Adventure: Road Trip Traveling Tips

But, when I'm traveling, certain things tend to go out the window, that I don't like.

I have to be really intentional to make sure my body still feels good through all the change that traveling brings.

(Because body likes routine and traveling throws routine).

I also have to be really intentional to take care of my emotional, spiritual and financial well-being while on the road, too.

(Because it's easy for all of that to fly out the window if I'm not being mindful!)

Today I'm sharing some things that helps me stay grounded and feeling good when I'm away from home and my normal routine. Whether you are flying in a big jet across an ocean, or packing up your car for a family reunion, I hope these tips help you feel a bit more whole so that you can get the most out of your adventures...

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Self-Care 101: An Introduction to Feminine Wholeness

If you are a woman, self-care begins with feminine wholeness.

What is feminine wholeness?

The Feminine is our access to the present, as well as a doorway to many other good things we want and need. (Like tenderness and pleasure, laughter and ease).

....This is the essence of self-care! And it benefits all those we love.

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