The Romance & Adventure Pilgrimage

5-week journey of the heart to recover your dreams and believe in good things


This is a journey to the Heart to REMEMBER Who You Are and awaken your most important dreams.

Would you like to:

  • know what you truly desire?

  • reawaken the best of who you are?

  • find the well within that never runs dry?

  • create more intimacy and connection with your spouse?

  • have a lighter, more radiant presence that attracts healthy, fun people, more rewarding work and opportunities?

  • break free from old patterns that have kept you stuck, unfulfilled, unhealthy, resentful, lost?

  • move forward in your life in love, gratitude and excitement?

  • let your dreams run wild and rise up to meet them?

Every woman needs to know two things:

1). Who she is

2). What she is made for.

This personal discovery unlocks unlimited potential for a life of love and freedom in your relationships, your family, your health, and your career. 

You CAN live a life of true romance and meaningful adventure and you don’t need to lose one pound, find a spouse or change your spouse, move to another country, or make more money first.

The Romance & Adventure Pilgrimage was created to help you do it.

Through five powerful go-at-your-own-pace modules (that you can do in five weeks, five months, five days or five years!) you will be guided back to the hidden wholeness within where you can rediscover beauty, your own talent for life, and the well that never runs dry. 

Life is the most wonderful fairytale.

Hans Christian Andersen


Life is meant to be...

grand, redemptive and sparkling.

We know that deep in our bones, don’t we!? We can preach it to our best friends and our sisters.

Sometimes, though, it feels like our own life is in a rut, like we are stalled-out on the side of the road watching our dreams pass us by. If you kinda feel like that right now, that’s okay.


I’ve been there and I can help.

I'm Morgan.

Like many women, I grew up experiencing all kinds of heartbreak, darkness, loneliness and insecurity. All the women in my family came from a long line of anxiety and depression. 

Sometimes, though,  I could hear a still, small voice within me say,

“You are made for more than this.”

When life through me a curve ball and I got pregnant with my son and became a single mother, I began a journey of the heart to uncover who I was underneath all the brokenness, fear and disappointment in my life. I was lost and the things I had hid behind before (relationships, drugs/alcohol, stereotypical sex appeal ) no longer protected me.

For the sake of my baby boy I decided to start asking better questions. Instead of, “Why doesn’t my life look like all the other peoples’ whose lives I admire?” I started asking,

“What would it look like to live my own love story?

What if I could redefine romance and adventure for myself?

What if I could forgive myself and move on kinder, gentler, wiser, and more true to who I was created to be?"


{No matter what our past. No matter how crazy or sad or dark or tragic  or boring our story. I believe in a beautiful, redemptive future for each of us. }


I created the Pilgrimage because I want to equip every woman to  believe and embody these 4 truths:

1. life can begin again

(at any moment)


2. Your heart is good

(and so is your body)


3. you can love more not less

(come what may)


4. You are made for romance & adventure

(the truest and most meaningful kinds)


Doing the important heart work we do in the R&A Pilgrimage has changed my life and I believe it can change yours, too.


Here is what you’ll learn:

  • How to redefine romance and adventure for this unique season of your life.

  • How to create a new vision for a rich life of love and freedom.

  • How to unlock the power of whimsy, vulnerability and engagement to fulfill your dreams.

  • How to be brave in the face of fear, shame & disappointment.

  • How to find lightness and joy in being you.

  • How to trust in what you truly desire.

  • How to recover from past heartbreak and emotional wounds.

  • How to re-engage with your dreams.

  • How to shift from feeling stuck and disqualified to feeling free and ready to receive.

  • How to fall in love with life anew each day.

  • How to befriend possibility and move with confidence in the direction of what you really want.

  • How to be present in the moment.

  • How to believe that the dreams inside you matter.