A New Narrative Guided Audio Meditation

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I think we can all agree that Love is the greatest story ever told.

It’s the fundamental foundation that heals everything.

But most of us were not given a very love-inspired narratives around sex or our bodies.

Many of us, especially those who grew up in the  “purity culture” and even those who didn’t, got messages of fear and shame around sex and sexuality. And these messages got-in deep.

Even if we don’t believe, with our rational mind, that sex is bad any more, our nervous system and the deepest part of our brain still believes something about sex and feeling sexy is dangerous...and so it keeps us shut-down even when we are in a healthy and really relationship.

The good news is those wires can get rewired.

Brain can change and so can our experience with sex.

We can develop new beliefs around our bodies and our sexuality that empower us and our relationships. We can heal the parts of ourselves wounded by shame by taking an embodied approach to living a new narrative, a new story based on LOVE.

This New Narrative practice is designed to support you on that journey...a journey of owning the truly sexy and sacred parts of yourself...

(First listen to the introduction above and then the practice recording below).

This practice is for every woman- single or married, because everyone woman deserves to feel restored to her original essence and free in her own body.

You’re invited to interact with this audio recording however feels right to you.  It was designed to benefit you in multiple ways.

  • You can simply listen to this recording daily while on your way to work, doing the laundry or going for a run to help your brain reprogram the messages you got around shame. Just hearing a new narrative on sex and sexuality helps your cortex imagine new possibilities and loosen it’s grip on the old stories.
  • You can bring more mindfulness and focus to this recording and listen in a seated mediation posture, bringing special attention to your breath, inhaling and exhaling deeply as you reflect on the words. Incorporating breathwork as you listen to this recording will help you access a deeper levels of your brain to support your nervous system.
  • Or you can invoke a sense of the sacred before you listen either by lighting a candle or whispering a prayer and then sitting to receive this new narrative as blessing over you. From this posture your job is just to simply become aware in faith of Love’s presence and say yes to being restored to your original essence
  • One last idea...listen to this recording while getting ready for date night with your man. Set yourself up for sexy success in the bedroom by remembering what is true about you.

Tips for Success

  • Repetition is key to changing old patterns. Listen daily. Challenge yourself to listen for 7 days straight.
  • Enhance your practice by using essential oils. I suggest a blend of Ylang Ylang, the Oil of the Inner Child, and and Sandalwood, the Oil of Sacred Devotion. If you are new to essential oils, you can learn more here.
  • Trust the process & believe in yourself. Keep your desire for wholeness front and center through the waves: there is so much freedom and bliss heading your way!