Where to Buy Lingerie That Speaks to Your Soul

Where to find great lingerie that actually speaks to your own feminine soul (and not just to his loins) is one of the questions I get asked the most. Maybe not worded just like that, but you get what I mean. ;)

So here are 11 of my top recommendations of where to find great lingerie and sexy loungewear YOU feel good in... 

Wild Women Sensual Yoga Practice

This is a sensual and sacred yoga practices that serves as a door to your wild feminine self.  May it awaken your spark (spirit!) and life force. May it help you restore relationship with the lost pieces of who you are: the precious wild woman within.

Feminine Wholeness Booklist

Booklist for the study of Feminine Wholeness, including the topics of Sex, Love, Relationship, the Sacred/Divine Feminine, Yoga, Christianity. Reading list for Sacred Feminine and Feminine Wholeness.

Self-Care 101: An Introduction to Feminine Wholeness

If you are a woman, self-care begins with feminine wholeness.

What is feminine wholeness?

The Feminine is our access to the present, as well as a doorway to many other good things we want and need. (Like tenderness and pleasure, laughter and ease).

....This is the essence of self-care! And it benefits all those we love.