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Hypnosis to Feel Whole Wholeness Hypnosis

If you like guided meditations, you’ll love guided hypnosis. It’s like meditation with a goal! So if one of your goals is to feel more whole, I made a specific recording to make it easier than ever before to connect to the wholeness within and to live from that place everyday.

From the button below you can get the Guided Hypnosis to Feel Whole audio for only $9.

As a trained hypnotherapist, helping dozens of women 1-on-1 every week connect to the wisdom within, dissolve unconscious blocks and move forward in their life with so much grace, peace, freedom and delight!

This 33 min hypnosis recording is designed to give you a tool you can use daily to feel whole and make it easer and easier to embody love and live from wholeness!

“Before I cam to Morgan for hypnotherapy I was stuck feeling like I would never feel comfortable initiating sex with my husband. I can honestly say that after only one session I felt a shift and saw such a natural, positive difference with no striving.I initiated sex that night in a totally natural-to-me way for the first time in 4 (or more!?) months!”
— Megan K, Mother of 3


Morgan Day Cecil is a Feminine Wholeness Coach and Integrated Hypnotherapist. She is a thought-leader and pioneer in the modern embodiment of the feminine wisdom. Through her YouTube channel, 1-on-1 coaching, courses and retreats Morgan helps women holistically heal their inner world to live from wholeness and consciously design a life of true romance and meaningful adventure along the way.

Thank you for your guidance and support! I’m truly grateful for the sacred transformation that has occurred. I have done hundreds of hours of therapies which at their time yes have helpful like EMDR and Somatic Experiencing, however I was so thankful for the novel deep sense of wellness and connection I experienced in our hypnotherapy session. I can tap into the deeper sense of safety and joy within my body.

I have noticed subtle yet significant external response changes- for instance this past weekend I wore one of my favorite gorgeous gowns to a wedding and I didn’t feel the slightest flight response from compliments or whispers of how pretty I looked or even few mean glances from other women. I also experienced pleasure from oral sex from my husband- this is a first! Internally, I’ve noticed I catch subtle longer glances at myself and enjoy the curves of my body.

Thank you for your deep passion for feminine wholeness- your magic has made a lasting difference in my life.
— Katie D