Sophia & Desire

- Half-Day Intensive -

Feel worthy, confident and empowered around your most personal and meaningful goals. 


We all have goals in life. 

Goals around our health, our career, bucket-list, bank account, family life and love life. 

But goals around sex, love and relationships aren't goals we get to talk about often enough.

And, most of us haven't been given a clear map of how to achieve these kind of goals. 

But what's life without them? All the money in the world can't buy you happiness in a relationship.

And even if your career is going great, if you aren't feeling free or intimately fulfilled, you know you're missing something.

What if you could dedicate one day in September to getting the tools you need so that you could move forward in your life with less frustration, and more love and powerful clarity?  What if you could learn a proven roadmap for getting what you want?

You could do this with me in front of your computer at home in a one-on-one session, but wouldn't be so much better here....?


The Sophia & Desire Half-Day Intensive combines three hours of in-depth and interactive teaching on the 12-step master map to achieving your sex, love and relationship goals, with an an hour of girl time following our inner-work to talk candidly in a small group of kindred spirits-- all the while enjoying the ambience of a romantic Moraccan village in Palm Springs. 

It's a half-day intensive with the right balance of work and play. You'll have time for personal reflection, a dip in the pool if you want it, and a glamorous glass of rosé to toast your authentic, courageous and strategic work around knowing what you really want (as a woman/in your relationship/in the bedroom); and what you'll need internally and externally in order to get it. 

There is so much feminine wisdom around desire: I don't want to see any of us living stuck or insecure anymore. So let's bring out the Sophia in you and give you an incredible jumpstart on the next season of your life.

(If you're a planner and love setting new intentions and goals around New Years, coming to the Sophia & Desire Half-Day Intensive in September is the ultimate jumpstart on 2018!)

What you'll learn

  • The 12-Step Master Map to Achieving Your Goals from the Rapid Life Transformation System(A Sophia must-know)
  • How to practice owning and choosing what you most desire to feel everyday (so that you can receive more of that into your life in the way that you dream!)
  • Embodiment keys and breathwork practices to live a truly high-vibration life
  • Practical tips on glamour and feeling sexy from a holistic perspective

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Hi, I'm Morgan, your guide on all things Sex, Love & Relationship and Feminine Wholeness related. I'll be your coach for the Sophia & Desire Half-Day Intensive. I'm passionate about Feminine Wholeness and I think feeling sexy, alive, and empowered is a needed spiritual practice for all women.

As an Holistic Sex & Relationship coach I help woman feel sexy in the bedroom and more confident and vibrant in their relationships.  Women are living with so much unworthiness and undeservingness around love, sex, and relationships, and it's affecting their health, their families and their careers. Sophia, the goddess and archetype of feminine wisdom, can teach us how to do something about that. When we return to our desires and focus on what we want (instead of what is wrong) we learn how to become better stewards of our emotional destiny, and we stop waisting time and energy and years of our life on the wrong things. For every woman who comes to my retreats, intensives and workshops, my intention is for her to leave with a higher vision of who she can be and how she can live their life in love.


Date: Sept 27th, 2017 2-6pm

Venue: Korakia Pensione, Palm Springs

Includes: intensive Deep Dive from 2-5pm, a glass of Rosé and candid conversation From 5-6pm

This is for you if:

  • You want a clear map on intimate Personal goals that feel fuzzy or complicated rightnow

  • you like to feel glamorous, inspired AND PRODUCTIVE

  • You love the idea of the sophia retreats but can't get away for 5 days or fly OFF to italy


What You'll Come Away Feeling


You'll feel confident & crystal clear about what your heart really wants & needs in this season of life to thrive


You'll leave with your own personal strategy plan for bringing those essential desires to life


A day with kindred spirits at a glamorous mediterranean-inspired oasis does a woman good


Their Words

Morgan, I am still reveling in the insights I received at the intention setting workshop. It wasn’t just one thing. It all fit together so beautifully and spoke RIGHT into my soul. The body work was new and innovative and made some really deep connections to some emotional work that has been stuck. The teaching on intention was also clear, to the point and effective! I usually walk away from these type of settings thinking hmmm…I wish it worked for me….not here. I walked away with an intention that was so fitting and clear. I really appreciate how connected you are to the experience, not above, not stuck in it, just right there, empathetic, calling us to higher ground. You are gifted and I am so glad I found you right now. Your words are like breath to me. I don’t say that lightly or caught up in “you” it just is…you are tapping in to some really deep truth and it is resonating big time.
Thank you thank you.
— Larissa F.
I loved loved loved the workshop.. I came out of our time together feeling inspired and refreshed, and in the days since I have been really following the Sophia teaching of not moving on too quickly! It can be so tempting to jump from idea to idea — there are so many good ones — but I am finding that the practice you led us through on Saturday really allowed me to accept my one-word intention on a deeper level. This is making it easier to stay with it instead of quickly getting swept away with the next shiny object! I’m excited to see how this progresses through the year. So far it has already made my morning routine better — I’ve been lighting my intention candle, and I added a mini dance party to my normal routine of meditation. Yesterday I was dancing around to a song with the lyric “I’m not afraid of love,” and started crying — it really felt good to process some fear in a super-safe physical way that TOTALLY supports my intention for 2017.
— Kate B.
Becoming a “Sophia” has been transformational for me...The connections I feel with my husband and my WHOLE self have evolved to heights and depths I didn’t even know could exist. I am 44 years old and have never felt more engaged, more beautiful, and more passionate.
— Nicole G.
Screen Shot 2017-08-21 at 9.42.21 PM.png
Morgan, the workshop was AMAZING. Just being around you and your sweet spirit is so uplifting. I finally got a journal and journaled all my notes (13 pages!) from the workshop. I learned who it is I really want to be this year, someone who embodies gentleness and grace...After journaling and using your method for intentions, which is magical, I really feel like I’m getting back to myself and gaining some clarity and direction again, the opposite of how I’ve been feeling the last few weeks. It was definitely worth the time and investment!
I’ve learned so much from your teachings on femininity and womanhood, and love being part of a group that’s open and supportive, even though we don’t all have the same experiences or hold the same beliefs, which is rare. It’s not often you find a place like this. I really feels like a sisterhood, something I’ve never know before. I can’t wait to see what the future holds!
Lots of love,
— Emily C.
I fought feeling like I didn’t deserve the investment in myself... However, what I found was nothing short of pure connection. Morgan is absolutely authentic and her passion is contagious. She is a gifted teacher, sincere in her words and I would gladly make the investment all over again! Morgan’s sessions allowed me to experience practices that cultivated the delight and feminine wholeness I so deeply craved. Morgan created a beautiful, nurturing environment for each of us to feel supported, loved, and free. I could go on and on… Let me just say, thank you, Morgan. You are so deeply anointed in your teaching & I can’t wait for other women to experience these amazing truths with you!
— Kate P.
It’s SO good. SO GOOD. In the month I have been embodying these practices I have felt a significant shift...I feel clarity and strength in my body in a significant way. This is hard, sacred, holy work.... THANK YOU for all of these wonderful gifts.
— Tiffany H.
The tools I am learning here are priceless. On Friday/Saturday I hosted a retreat and invited anyone to join me in the morning for an embodiment practice. We started with the “shaking” dancing Morgan Day Cecil teaches us. We followed with some of the body movements we did at the Rome Sophia retreat and the intention setting workshop in Portland. One of my dear friends who joined me that morning lost it. Came up from our final child’s pose with nose running, eyes running, finally finally finally felt a physical release since her mother unexpectedly passed away a few weeks ago. First time she had felt anything since that awful day. She is now starting her mornings with her candle (with her word “rebirth” on it) and her own shaking practice each morning. The ripple effect of love will keep going on as long as we keep sharing it. Thank you Morgan for teaching me, I love you so!
— Ashley M.