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Did you grow up in a church that taught you shame?

What if you could stop feeling shut down around sex in your marriage and feel free being sexy?



In this free audio download, I'll guide you through a new narrative to help you:

• let go of old beliefs and say yes to real freedom (without losing what matters most to you in your faith)

 feel sexy in every breath and connected to divine feminine energy (because God isn't just male)

• stop feeling fear, guilt or shame around your sexuality (hallelujah!)

It's time to allow yourself to experience your original essence (the sexy AND the sacred) and begin a healing journey so that you can live in wholeness.

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Morgan Day Cecil

Hi! I'm here to help women who feel a connection to the Holy Spirit find freedom and wholeness at the deepest level of their body and mind, so that they can experience love (and pleasure!) to the full. Everything is sacred. Let's rewrite the story around sex. #nomoreshame