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Feminine Wholeness Resources

1. REPLAY of NINE SESSION on Sexual Well-Being

Every single woman can sexually thrive in body (Heights of Pleasure) and soul (Depth of Intimacy.

1. Turn towards thriving // Sexuality is not a side issue anymore.

2. Turn towards love // Healing isn't a battle; it's a romance. We LOVE ourselves into wholeness.

3. Turn towards desire // What turns you on will lead you home.

4. Turn towards emotion // It's safe to feel it all and let it all move through.

5. Turn towards power // Remember your wild.

6. Turn towards holistic sex tools // Breath, Sound, Movement, Senses, Focus, Energy, Intention, Identity

7. Turn towards presence // Slow down to discover your supreme sexiness.

8. Turn towards your body // Your body holds your wisdom and the keys to your unconscious mind.

9. Turn towards sacred relationship // Love in service of spiritual transformation. Spiritual transformation in service of love. 

Book Recommendations for my Sexy Bookworms!


2. Where to buy lingerie That speaks to your soul

Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 2.56.39 PM.png
Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 2.56.03 PM.png
Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 2.52.54 PM.png
Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 3.03.27 PM.png
Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 2.57.07 PM.png
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So here are 4 of my top picks (I have more, but I don’t want to overwhelm you!):

  1. Intimissimi:  My first love! I found it while living in Italy where lingerie shops are more prolific than Starbucks. Last December I lead a small retreat in Italy and took the women on a lingerie tour (where we flirted with THE Antonio Banderas--another story for another time). We all scoured at Intimissimi, finding bodysuits that looked super flattering on all our different body types.

  2. La Perla: My dream! I often peruse La Perla’s pages just to get inspired. They are the epitome of sexiness and sophistication and supreme attention to detail (the craftmanship on these pieces, wow!). And I even love how ridiculously expensive they are. When the day comes when I feel like it’s time to spend $500 on a pair of undies, I’ll know I’ve reached a whole new level of “worthiness.”

  3. Naja is premium lingerie with a social impact and I love their nickers. Products are made by single mothers and through their Underwear for Hope program Naja employs women in the slums of Columbia to make the lingerie bags that go with every purchase. I think you’ll fall in love with this company, too.

  4. Wacoal: Not your sexiest brand, but super practical and good quality. I actually live in there mircofiber bras most days. I love that it has no underwire. These are my go-to for under teeshirts or tightly fitting sweaters.

Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 3.10.05 PM.png

More Fun (I can't help it!):

For Love & Lemons For my sexy bohemians.

Fleurdumal: High class style.

Agent Provacateur: Naughty and so, so great.

Free People Movement: Sexy athletic apparel. Personal Note: It’s a win-win when I find something sexy to wear that will take me straight from my yoga mat into another form of “yoga” with my husband. ;)

Marieyat: Super cool minimalist style.  Personal Note: I really love that they feature models with stretch marks and all body types (hope to see this more the norm in the future!)

Chromat: Futuristic and color block heaven.

AdoreMe: Classic styles. Take a quiz to find your perfect style/fit based on your body type and they’ll curate a selection for you! Personal Note: Be warned if you download the app it, you’ll be tempted to buy a new lingerie set every single day.



3.  Jade Egg WHERE to Buy & How to Learn More

The Jade Egg I Use: 100% Natural & Genuine Nephrite Jade

*Note: DO NOT PUT ANY OTHER STONE INTO YOUR VAGINA. Rose Quartz is beautiful and good for healing, but not healthy for your vagina because it can crack easily and bacteria can get inside.

EJ4A9597 2.jpg


4.  Breast Massage Oil Recipe (The "Perfume" I was wearing all retreat)

Daily breast massage is one of the best things you can do for your Feminine Wholeness. On a physical level, it is great for the health of your breasts, reducing the risk of breast cancer by early detection and helping to fight disease. Another perk, it can also slightly enlarge breast tissue due to the hormone prolactin that gets released.

The reason I massage my breasts everyday and prescribe this practice to all my clients is because it helps restore trust and intimacy with our body as well as increase body acceptance and sensitivity (heightened pleasure!). Your breasts are an important part of your erotic network and no matter what their size, they are an essential part of your feminine power and love. So let's awaken them!

In a 1 oz bottle:

10 drops Ylang Ylang (The Oil of the Inner Child)

8 drops of Geranium (The Oil of Love & Trust)

5 drops Wild Orange (The Oil of Abundance)

2 drops Sandalwood (The Oil of Sacred Devotion)

2 drops Frankincense (The Oil of Truth)

Fill to full 10ml Roller Bottle with Sweet Almond or Jojoba or Fractionated Coconut Oil


Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 3.14.30 PM.png


5.  3 Principles of Feminine Wholeness + Essential Oil Recommendations


PRINCIPLE #1 {Physical Health} Take Supremely Good Care of the Basics

PRINCIPLE #2 {Emotional Well-Being} Steward Your Emotional Destiny

PRINCIPLE #3 {Spiritual + Sexual Fulfillment} Heal and Align Your Highest Values and Deepest Desires

More Info on Essential Oils and Why I use doTERRA + How to order if you want to start making essential oils a part of your sensual lifestyle.




6. one-on-one Coaching with Me

I have availability for 2-3 more clients this Fall and I'd love to have you! If you know true self-love and sexual well-being is what you need most in your life right now, I invite you to fill out an application.


7.  Wild Woman Sensual Yoga VIDEo (Home Practice Filmed in Italy)

Note: I say the “Jesus” twice. I know that word can be triggering for some people, so I wanted to give you a heads up. 

What I love about this sensual yoga practice is that it gives you an experience of owning your sacred and your sexy by embodying it.  And embodiment is what we need if we are going to experience lasting transformation!


8. Guided Meditation: Breathe with Love

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9. Help for your men

My husband does the same work I do, just for men! Send your man to roncecil.com. He is amazing! Totally a man's man, but gifted at creating space for genuine vulnerability and transformation.

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