Divine Force of Feminine Wholeness


Remember how I mentioned your own inner wisdom and how that inner wisdom isn't completely silent?

She has a name and it's Sophia. 

Sophia is within each and every one of us. 

She surfaces repeatedly in both Christian and Hebrew religious texts, yet her identity remains a mystery. 

In the words of author and Episcopal priest Cynthia Bourgeault, "Sophia/wisdom is not a divinity to be worshipped, but a transformational force to be actualized."  

Sophia teaches us the wisdom of loving all things, including ourselves, into wholeness.

When we embody her, we embody what is most authentic and true to ourselves: 

A sexuality and a spirituality that is motivated by love, not fear.

This embodiment of our own feminine wisdom and wholeness develops in us real self-love and total freedom in the bedroom. 

Knowing her is knowing our own original essence and this allows us:

  • to let go of old stories and unhealthy conditioning.
  • to feel safe being sexy on our own terms.
  • to be present and joyful in our relationships.
  • to find confidence in our own voice and desires.
  • to restore trust and intimacy in relationship to ourself and God.
  •  to connect to our bodies and feel real freedom and pleasure during sex.

She is already within you, as you, and the key to you finally