Just be here with me.


Someone or Something is speaking these 5 little words to you. Right now. The voice is quiet and hopeful...

Maybe it's your son or daughter. Maybe it's your spouse. May it's your own heart. 

Maybe it's your sweet old dog or a brand new dream. 

Maybe it's the sunrise or a long walk. Maybe it's your old and tattered bible. Maybe it's a passion project or the new family in your neighborhood. Maybe it's a far-off land you've always wanted to visit or a prayer you've whispered a thousand times.  

Maybe it's your favorite song or photo album. Maybe it's your garden or a paint brush. Maybe it's your yoga mat. Maybe it's the fresh herbs and spices of a well-equipped kitchen.

Maybe it's the moon. 


The question is:

Can you hear Who or What is whispering, just be here with me, to you?


Join Us!

Set Your Intention with Your Attention

Whether you know for sure where that whisper is coming from or not, you can choose to dedicate and devote some one-on-one energy to learning more about that whisper and honoring it with your attention. That's what the #JustBeHereWithMe project is all about.

During the month of August we are choosing to lay down our love-affair with social media and reinvest some of that precious and valuable attention to exploring other aspects of our life and our relationship with the world.  

For one day. 

Or one week.

Or one whole month.

Whatever feels good to you

We aren't against life online. Quite the contrary! We are so grateful for the people we have met and connected with in this space!  We believe the communities we have found on social media are real and valuable. That's why we are choosing to do this together. As a community. To support one another in becoming more present, whole, and interesting human beings.  

As a yoga teacher I teach that love begins and ends in the act of paying attention. We give so much love to our mobile devices and our screens. What if we shared some of that with other things in our life? What would happen if for one month we set the intention together to pay a little less attention to the exciting things happening online, and a little more attention to the wonderful, quieter things happening in our heart? 

We spend an average of 2.4 hours on social networks every day. * 

* Source: GlobalWebIndex, Q4 2014. Based on a survey of internet users aged 16-64.  

Who would you spend an extra couple of hours with, if you were given the time? What would you love to do?


Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Learn a new language with your husband

  • Watch the sunrise with a friend

  • Read your favorite book again 

  • Write a song with your sister

  • Send postcards to your favorite people

  • Finger paint with the neighborhood kids

  • Go for a long walk with someone you want to get to know better

  • Practice handstands with fellow yogis

  • Teach your kids how to do The Macarena

  • Go berry picking with your mom

  • Teach your dad how to meditate

And some recommended reading for my bookworms:

  • Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less, Greg McKeown

  • The Crossroads of Should and Must, Ella Luna

  • 10% Happier, Dan Harris

  • The Creative Habit, Twlya Tharp

  • Waldon, by Henry David Thoreau 

  • The Sabbath, Abraham Joshua Heschel