Your first Jade Egg Practice

Warm up with the Healing sensuality essential of tender self touch


One principle of healing sensuality and the embodiment of feminine wholeness is that our body needs to know it is safe and worthy of love.

The body speaks it’s own language. Affirmations spoken to your reflection in the mirror don’t hurt, but they don’t go deep enough, either. Only touch can do that. The right visceral sensation can heal things words alone just can’t.  

Tender touch tells the body that it is loved and care for. It’s a a signal to the nervous system that it’s safe now to let down it’s guard. 

This reminder that we are safe is incredibly important. A sense of safety--feeling safe in our body and safe with our own touch-- is the foundation of every jade egg practice.

Warm-up with the Healing Sensuality Essential of Tender Self-Touch (video above) and then proceed to your first jade egg practice (video below).


First, get set-up

Choose your favorite ritual elements to set the mood:

  • Essential Oils: Ylang Ylang (Oil of Innocence), Sandalwood (Oil of Devotion) Wild Orange (Oil of Abundance)
  • Catholic candles from dollar store.
  • Rosary 
  • Mala Beads
  • Photos that remind me of who I am embodying LOVE or pursuing healing for (childhood photos of yourself, photos of your family, etc).
  • Sacred objects or icons


The Jade Egg Permission Practice from the Body of Bliss Course

Benefits of the Jade Egg Permission Practice:

  • Opportunity to regain trust and intimacy with your own body.
  • Giving back your vagina the power of consent.
  • Honoring the body's wisdom and Yeses or Nos.
  • Feeling more comfortable working with the Jade Egg for the first time.

Helpful Hints:

  • String your egg with new string before you begin. To string the egg just thread it like a needle and tie a knot. Give yourself 4-5 inches of length for easy removal.
  • Take your time. It's totally normal not to feel much or anything in the beginning!
  • Visualize your yoni being divided into three floors: Floor one is the entrance, floor two is the middle zone, and level three is around the cervix. Contract and then relax one floor at a time. This might be quite challenging in the beginning, but you'll get it with practice! And (bonus!) your man will love it when you can demonstrate to him what your yoni can do! :)

some notes to empower you:

  • Your jade egg practices don't have to be long! A little goes a long way. We are working smaller muscles here so 10 min (the length of the guided "Permission Practice" I'm sharing with you) is more than enough when you first start out.
  • If your body is up for it, challenge yourself to do this practice every day for 7 days to jump-start your body and create a new fun routine.
  • Take the time to make your practice time really enjoyable. Bathe or shower before your practice. Anoint your body with your favorite essential oils. Light candles. Turn on a playlist. Set the mood!
  • It's okay if you don't feel anything! Sensitivity and awareness with develop overtime with regular practice.
  • And, if you have trouble inserting the egg, don't judge or get mad at your vagina. She just may need more time getting comfortable. Keep showing up for her with loving compassion and never force the egg inside. Your biggest goal in the beginning is to regain trust and intimacy with yourself and that can happen with our without the jade egg inside. You can do the whole guided practice with the jade egg resting next to you on the floor or holding it gently near the vaginal opening. 


Journal Prompts:

What aspects of womanhood have you given yourself permission to experience? What aspects of womanhood have you consciously or unconsciously denied yourself? Why?

Who have you looked to in the past to give you permission or validation?

What do you need to give yourself permission to feel/experience in order to make the most out of Body of Bliss?

What does consent feel like to you? How do you know if your yoni is giving you a yes or a no?

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