All about the Jade Egg

Free Video #1



In this video you’ll learn:

  • What the jade egg is (and what kind of jade stone is recommended)
  • Where the jade egg practice came from (it has a very sexy lineage!)
  • Why it’s such a powerful holistic tool for sexiness, wholeness & bliss (as a regular practice the jade egg is a phenomenal support for women physiologically, emotionally and spiritually).

A few benefits of a regular jade egg practice:

  • Trains the pelvic floor in a balanced way for greater strength and relaxation
  • Tangible method for integrating sexuality in a holistic way that incorporates mind, body, and spirit.
  • Helps clear and remove toxic emotional residue of (fear, guilt, shame) that the unconscious mind has stored in the body so we can experience greater joy and freedom.
  • Develops sensate focus in the nervous system for greater pleasure and presence during sex.

Notes on my personal experience:

  • My regular jade egg practices has given me a sense that my female body is genuinely good and my yoni is sacred.
  • It has helped me to connect to my feminine body in a tender, caring way.
  • It gave me a gentle way to heal myself from past sexual trauma.
  • It allowed me to regain trust and intimacy myself and feel more empowered, playful and free with my husband in the bedroom.
  • It heightened my sense of intuition, mindfulness and bliss!


Journal Prompt: What are you feeling in your body right now after watching the video? Notice if you are feeling excitement, or a bit of fear, guilt or shame.

Everything belongs. However you feel is welcome and okay.

A big part of the journey of restoring wholeness in our feminine body is to pay attention and move towards our sensations with compassionate curiosity. Our felt sense reveals so much about the embodied limiting beliefs we carry. Noticing them is the first step towards liberating them. You aren't alone in this! It's the cultural and embodied work of a generation to set ourselves free from the conditioning of our past and become the Queen of Wholeness in our own lives.