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 real self-love and feel total freedom in the Bedroom

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Leave behind fear, guilt & shame and unveil your hidden wholeness, delight & desire.

Is this you?...

You are in love with your man, and you know you're made to feel awesome in bed. You're not afraid of inner work and you've already begun to take your own feminine wholeness seriously, and so you ask yourself when you're laying awake at night and not wanting to get it on:

why does this feel so hard?

 (is it always going to be like this? )


And the great news is:

Enjoying sex without shame, and connecting deeply to yourself (and the one you're sharing life with) is way more possible than your nightly experience of feeling shut-down and alone makes you think.

I'm here to help you feel completely sexy and whole in bed, and totally safe being wildly intimate with your man through an approach that is all about bringing awareness, compassion and loving presents to the parts of you in need.

Loving yourself and enjoying CRazy-good sex is totally possible for you. 

And... it's totaly not your fault that you feel so shut down in this area.

Really, it's a miracle we even want to want sex, given the messages we grew up hearing...


"Sex is dirty and sensual women are dangerous"


"It's a women's duty to "satisfy" her husband in bed."  


"To be sexy you have to look like this not like that."


Not long ago I polled my community on instagram asking them what kind of messages they received growing up about sex and being a sexy woman. So many voices echoed these experiences:

I grew up being told I was responsible for a man’s purity. Basically what I wore and how I acted around men better not be sexy or desirable, or else I was causing them to stumble. SO MUCH SHAME came from being told this as a young teenager. It’s very hard not to feel self conscious or shameful when I know I look and feel sexy.
— Sophie
I was told if I waited for sex our sex life would be amazing, but our wedding night was anything but a fairytale. I feel so lost.
— Jessica
My upbringing told me it was inappropriate for me to dress I didn’t feel like I had the right to be sexy.
— Diana
The church told me I’m not allowed to be sexy because I have the power to make men stumble and fall and lust. Instead of seeing this power as an empowering thing, I felt shame for my body and the power it had and starting hiding it and calling it modesty 😤
— Allie
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Which makes one thing super clear...

iT's not your fault 

Our culture has sex way wrong.

It's so rare for anyone to make it into their marriage beds feeling truly free. We live in a sexually traumatized culture, and all of us have been wounded by it.

Purity ring or not, we women didn't get many healthy messages around what it means to be a sexual and spiritual female.


  • Instead of being taught how much pleasure our female body is made for, we were taught that sex is dangerous and women aren't as sexual as men.


  • Instead of being given the knowledge and tools to intimately connect with our own body, we were conditioned from the beginning to give all our good stuff away before we've fully owned it and enjoyed it ourselves.


  • Instead of being taught how to keep passion and desire alive after our lifestyle changes (ahem, parenting!) we were left to silently drift apart in bed.


None of us got the message that our sexuality actually belonged to us. No wonder why it feels so hard to even know what it means "to feel sexy on our own terms."


SO, LIKE I SAID, GIVEN ALL THAT CRAP, It really is a miracle we even want to want it.


And here is why we need that desire to grow...


Because our inner wisdom isn't completely silent and deep down we know:

reclaiming our sexuality is the key to everything else. 

It's the end of the rabbit trail of self-help.  

When we've cleaned up our diet all we can

and we've done all the yoga

and said all the prayers

and hummed all the Oms

and Mari Kondo-ed our homes 5 times

and read all the books on discovering our love language and how to communicate

and sat in a chair at couples counseling to talk about our marriage, when we know, deep down, what we really need to talk about is what's [not] happening in bed....

when we've done all that, or even a quarter of that, and we still don't feel good naked then we know what we need to do now is take a deep breath and re-evaluate our plan.

Because let's get one thing clear:


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If you've every tried to fix yourself or your relationship only to find:


You make someone else happy or comfortable, but inside your feel like you've betrayed yourself, like when you have sex completely disconnected from your own body and are just waiting for it to be over.


You don't feel worthy of real love and "change" only lasts as long as the next trigger or bad day, or the next time your husband wants sex and that same old wave of anger, guilt and shame rushes over you because you don't.


Swinging back and forth from "I'm not enough" to "I'm too much" doesn't have to be your reality anymore. 

There is a different way to approach real FREEDOM and it's so simple you'll wonder why no one told you before.

 Let me tell you how I know...

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My Story

I grew up believing everyone would find their own love story and live happily ever after.

In my heart I was always a hopeless romantic.

But in my body I was often shut-down and afraid.

Out in the world I felt unsafe: men with their wanting eyes; women with their judgement.

Shame was the feeling I felt more than all the others emotions combined.

I got the message that the best thing I could be as a woman was pretty and nice.

Pretty for the boys (because my value was dependent on my looks) and nice for the girls (because my worth was dependent on being liked).

Striving to fit in those perfect little boxes all the time broke me inside.

I felt empty, lost, and so disconnected from who I really was.

I drank and ate to numb the pain.

I slept around carelessly because it was better to betray my own body than disappoint someone else.

Then I became a mother and I committed to becoming a stronger, healthier version of myself for my son, because it was just going to be me raising him.

Then I fell in love and got married to an amazing man

I believed that this redemption story and true love would rescue me from my past and save me from myself.

But it only took me so far.

When I first found my faith through my husband, I through myself into church and becoming a "Godly Woman."

My relationship with Jesus was great, but I never could get on board with all of the religious messaging I began to hear.

Sunday morning made me feel less empowered as a woman instead of more.

Despite trying everything church-culture, pop-culture, and self-help gave me as answers, I still carried so much shame inside and it was effecting everything...

So in my morning quiet times and in my yoga and meditation practices, I began asking a simple question:

What does it take to be free?

One day I thought I heard an answer,

Just breathe with me.

That was all I got, but it was enough to jumpstart a new embodied approach to my own healing that would guide me on my path to freedom.  

What I didn't know then, but know now after years of study, application, and training in the field of mind-body-spirit integration, is this:

Our own body's wisdom is our key to change, heal and grow, develop real self love, and become truly free.

And it's the one thing that is most often left out of western therapy, counseling, and spirituality.


Through my years of paying attention to my own body's wisdom combined with 600 hours of training in the field of Integrated Love, Sex & Relationship studies that brings together the ancient wisdom of Tantric & Taoist practices as well as the latest research in neuroscience and trauma healing, I found an approach that finally gives us women what we have been searching for....

  • A lived reality of love that we can feel in our bones and in our breath.


  • A sense that wholeness is where we started from and where we will return.


  • A freedom to be present for whatever we are feeling.


  • A knowing that it was safe for us to be naked, wild and empowered.


  • A deep connection with our own soul and our partner.


In short, an approach that gives us

the tools to dissolve shame & embody Love.



Sophia Embodied

The path for women who desire their own wholeness & to know love with every fiber & Breath of their being.

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Sophia Embodied is a sacred 10-week program of one-on-one coaching where I walk you through an embodied approach and an integrated process unlike anything you've ever done before that gives you access to true self-love and total freedom in the bedroom and beyond.

If you are ready to return to wholeness and get to know your own sexy feminine wisdom, I invite you to fill out an the application to the Sophia Embodied 1-on-1 Program.


You can expect emotional benefits like this: 

  • Inner-peace and freedom because the war within is over (hallulujah!)
  • Deeper connection to your partner because now you have a deeper connection with yourself.
  • Confidence and joy being you because you know you are whole and the shame you once felt has been dissolved into self-love.
  •  A sense of playfulness and fun in the bedroom instead of resentment.

You can also expect added physical & health benefits like this:

  • More energy because you are no longer exhausting your body in worry or insecurity.
  • A stronger inner vitality because the blocks around shame have been removed and life-force can now flow.
  • Better/multiple orgasms and no more pain during sex because your nervous system now feels safe in pleasure instead of triggered by it.




    In their own words


    I fought feeling like I didn't deserve it

    Listen to the Romance & Adventure podcast I began realizing how many places in my heart (& body) I had neglected. I avoided anything sensual and allowed past hurts to become so deeply buried I had begun to accept them as simply a part of who I would always be. I knew something needed to change, but I wasn’t completely sure how to begin.

    I fought feeling like I didn’t deserve the investment in myself. However, I'm so glad I did. Morgan is absolutely authentic and her passion is contagious. She is a gifted teacher, sincere in her words and and I would gladly make the investment all over again

    My session with Morgan allowed me to experience practices that cultivated the delight and feminine wholeness I so deeply craved. Morgan created a beautiful, nurturing environment for me to feel supported, loved, and free.  I can’t wait for you to experience these amazing truths with her! -Kate

    I have never experienced anything like this with another coach or counselor

     Morgan has equipped me with the tools I need to experience peace at any moment, despite my circumstances, and also to find the wisdom I desperately have been searching for to heal from the wounds I have been carrying around with me for over half of my lifetime.  

    She taught me how to drop into my body and my own deep wisdom through the breath and find answers when I am feeling stuck or there is conflict in my relationship.  This is something I will practice my whole life long! 

    I am amazed at the power I now have to love and care for myself and then love my partner better, from my own wholeness.  This is priceless.  

    I have let go of the belief that my partner needs to change or heal in the way I imagined he did in order for me to feel whole, vibrant and alive. 

     I have never experienced anything like this with another coach or counselor. 



    Just what I needed to enter into a life of freedom

    Working with Morgan kick started my healing journey. I definitely grew up in a culture of shame. It wasn't intentionally shaming, but a lot of things were never talked about which created shame through silence. I feel like I put shame on myself in a lot of ways because I didn't know better. Morgan provided a safe, loving environment for me to begin connecting with myself and healing old wounds and past shame, which gave me the freedom to pursue the kinds of sex and intimacy I wanted. Her practices and guiding was just what I needed to begin finding and loving my true self and to enter into a life of freedom. -Alisha

    Can you justify investing in one-on-one coaching?

    10 weeks of one-on-one work is an investment of your time and resources.  

    Most women don't ever make thinvestment in themselves even when they acknowledge that their lack of self-love and acceptance is effecting the quality of their life.

    So what's going to change?

    If you only did coaching for yourself, it would be more than worth it.

    And if you are married and your relationship is lacking in the fire it once had, the coaching you do on your own is a gift to both of you.

    50% of marriages end in divorce and many couples report issues in the bedroom as a major strain in their relationship.

    What will it cost you if you don't invest?

    Add up how much you spend on fast fashion, Target trips for toilet paper that turn into mini-shopping sprees, and eating out and you may be shocked.

    Investing in inner-work can be challenging because we are so conditioned for quick fixes.  We struggle to believe things can actually be different for us so we keep choosing the quit hits as temporary relief from our pain. 

    But we know where that gets us (nowhere). 

    So if the "normal" ways of doing things aren't working for you anymore and you're ready for a better solution, coaching may be the best investment you make all year.

    This healing and empowerment process is for:

    Single women who are ready to learn how to supremely love and accept themselves and use this season of singleness to become their best selves and empower an undeniable magnatism from inside out. 

    Single women who are ready to learn how to supremely love and accept themselves and use this season of singleness to become their best selves and empower an undeniable magnatism from inside out. 

    Newly engaged or married women who feel like "damaged goods" or somehow inadequate in the bedroom, and are determined to not let fear, guilt, or shame put a wedge between them and their love life.

    Newly engaged or married women who feel like "damaged goods" or somehow inadequate in the bedroom, and are determined to not let fear, guilt, or shame put a wedge between them and their love life.

    Women who have been married for years or are divorced who are awakening to a new journey and a desire to connect with and own their truest self in every relationship. 

    Women who have been married for years or are divorced who are awakening to a new journey and a desire to connect with and own their truest self in every relationship. 


    every woman gets to decide how much love and freedom she's going to enjoy in her own naked body. 



    A Peak into The Sophia Embodied Program...

    Inner-Healing & INTEGRATION | Neuroscience | Embodiment 



    We will meet via Zoom for our 60-min sessions 1/week for 6-10 weeks. In our time together we will see to it that you gain the specific tools you need to thrive. Each week I'll give you powerful embodiment practices and specific self-care homework that will support you in your personal goals. 

    A holistic system

    As an Integrated Sex, Love and Relationship coach I am trained to work with mind, body and energy in a tri-part system that makes this process of developing real self-love and total freedom holistic and effective for deep and lasting transformation.

    Unlike most counselors and therapist, many of whom haven't ever done this level of transformative work around their own sexuality and who carry (without realizing it) their own judgements and shame, I've personally gone through every single process I'll be sharing with you.

    I believe that

    finding healing, freedom, power and joyful expression in our sexuality is the key to finding healing, freedom, power and joyful expression in everything.

    And I believe this because I've experienced it as a living reality in myself and in the women I've partnered with in 1-on-1 coaching.

    If you are done with the old beliefs that are keeping you stuck in the same old patterns, and you are ready to embody real self love for total freedom, I invite you to apply for the Sophia Embodied program now.


    100% Satisfaction Gaurantee

    moving forward, I want you to feel that you havE NOTHING to lose and everything to gain


    I'm interested in true transformation for you. If that's not what you are getting from our work together, I want you to be able to get it somewhere else.  So, if having shown up for yourself 100% percent, as I promise to show up for you, and using the tools and at-home practices I give you to help you get results around your personal goals, you don't feel any different, I will give you 100% of your investment back.


    One time I promised one of my clients I would buy her a pair of the Stuart Weitzman boots she had been eying if she didn't feel more empowered around her personal, spiritual, mental, emotional and sexual health. She said it was easier for her to buy things for herself than to invest in herself because deep down she wasn't sure if she could change. Well, I believed in her and gave her a guarantee she couldn't refuse. I'll do the same for you, too, because every woman needs someone who believes in her to support her and hold her accountable to achieving what she deeply wants to be/do/have/experience.


    More words of encouragement


    I'm finally embodying the truth I have always known

    Something profoundly resonated in my heart when I stumbled across Morgan and her work. It felt felt like a breathe of fresh air just as I was about to dive into a season of profound change and upheaval in my life.  I have always had an unwavering faith, and a ton of head knowledge, but have struggled with a real disconnect between my head and my heart. I've known for a long time that shame and fear were hurting me, despite believing and saying all the "right" things. I just started my coaching adventure with Morgan after attending one of her Sophia Retreats. Doing the hard and vulnerable work through one-on-one coaching is helping me physically, mentally, and spiritually to finally shift shame and fear from my soul and embody the truth I have always known.  - April

    I am now treating myself with tenderness, compassion, awe & wonder

    I used to think I wasn't "allowed" to wear a two piece, stomach baring swimsuit because I hadn't worked out enough to "earn" the right. I used to think my soft and squishy places, laden with stretch marks, veins and other skin "imperfections" should be covered up. I used to think my body was weak and girl-ish. Through working with Morgan one-one-one (I could go on and on about what an angel Morgan is, how she listens with grace and challenges with love and joy), I am embracing new ways of thinking, new patterns of behavior. I am treating myself with tenderness, compassion, awe and wonder. 

    My body is soft AND strong. I have carried four babies in my belly, and three additional loves in my arms as their foster Mama. My marks and scars show where I've been, my wrinkles show years of laughter and joy. My body is feminine, wonderful and mature. I am learning to embrace my sexuality, to own my needs and wants, to enjoy playfulness and intimacy I have avoided. I am learning to accept the dark and hurtful places of my past, understanding they have shaped me profoundly, YET I am bravely swinging wide the door of my soul to let light and love saturate.

    If Morgan announces openings for one-on-one coaching with her again, JUMP on it. -Carly



    I thought I was doomed to never enjoy sex but that's so not true!

     I've used to believe that my body is broken, doomed to not enjoy sex. I thought it would always be painful. So not true! I know now that my desires are indeed okay and wonderful, and that I can live healthily and happily, enjoying sex and intimacy with my husband (and self pleasure!!) I recommend one-on-one coaching with Morgan to anyone who needs a guide for navigating the field of healthy sexuality. She is so full of understanding and love and the space she holds for all the tricky sticky stuff is so healing.

    Get Started Now

    Filling out the application form is the first step. From there, you'll get set up with me for a 20 minute deep dive discovery session to see if we are a good fit and to answer all your questions.


    What if I'm not married, is this still for me?

    Absolutely. Every woman, no matter what her relationship status deserves to feel real self love and total freedom in her body. Being single is a perfect time to devote yourself to this work. Half of my clients are women who aren't married. Some are single, some are dating, and some are in a long term relationship that's unclear where it's headed. Wherever you are at in your life, I will help you stay focused on your true desires and goals so you can move forward into greater wholeness.

    I'm not sure where I am in my faith, does this have an particular Christian flavor?

    I am a professional coach, not a pastor. My commitment is to you and helping you find clarity around your desires. I hold a space of unconditional love and support for you to open whatever doors have been locked shut within you so your own path of love can become known. Like a Christian doctor who prays before she goes to be with a patient, I also pray before each session to ask for protection, guidance and wisdom over us both. The container I hold is a safe place for you to explore whatever needs to be explored so that the blocks to love and freedom can be removed. You hold all the answers. I am here to reflect back to you the truth of your original essence which is love, partner with you on your path to clarity, self-acceptance, freedom and confidence, and give you new perspectives and practices to "try-on" to help you thrive. Spirituality is key to my work professionally and personally, and I hold a very high value for the authentic expression of yours. 

    I'm nervous to talk about sex. Will I have to do anything I'm not comfortable with?

    The processes I will guide you through are very gentle, and you will never have to do anything sexual in nature during our sessions. I will give you plenty of tools you can use for self-love and transformation and explain how you can use them in meditation or sexual play and the choice will be yours for your home practice. You set the pace for your own healing journey and always know there will never be any pressure to "force" freedom. 

    Do you take payment plans?

    Yes. We can arrange a plan that works for you.

    Can I do less than 10 sessions?

    Ten sessions are ideal, but if you have a circumstance that makes it difficult to commit 10 sessions right now, it is always better to begin than to wait. I offer 6 session packages for those who are in that boat. 

    When can we begin?

    As soon as I receive your application form (below) and deposit we can get our first session on the calendar.  Usually we are able to start within 1-2 weeks.