The Find Your Inner SexY Process


What if your spirituality and sexuality deeply nourished you?

What kind of woman would you be, and what could you accomplish and feel, if the two most powerful energies within you were no longer in battle, but perfectly aligned?

Meet Your Inner SEX GODDESS

Sex Goddess: an empowered woman who is sexy, powerful, playful and wise. She is both holy and sensual.  She own her body and nourishes it with pleasure of all kinds. She loves from the overflow and loves well.

Your Inner Sex Goddess...

    • is sexy on her own terms.
    • is a source of power, pleasure, intuition and creativity.
    • can teach you how to live in a state of joy instead of anxiety 
    • is queen of transforming overwhelm into grace and ease
    • brings pleasure and balance into your world of productivity and stress
    • sees far into your future with they eyes of Love.
    • doesn't need to dominate or manipulate to get what she wants
    • will protect you from creeps and from your own self-sabotage
    • will teach you things you've always wanted to know about yourself as a woman
    • knows how to have fun and can show you how to make love fun again, too
    Sexual energy is like a fire that ignites and allows you to enter different realms of your psyche. This, in turn, opens up huge inner wells of creativity and inspiration.
    — Layla Martin

    To be a woman is to be many things.

    But most of us modern women and our mothers have been deprived of a full picture of all that a woman can be.

    If you have only been shown one picture of womanhood, motherhood, and devoted wife, and this flat version of womanhood is no longer serving you or allowing you to thrive-- get excited! Because your own female fullness can be restored and begin to truly thrive through this fun process of Finding your Inner Sexy.

    Finding your inner sexy means waking up your inner sex goddess and allowing her to lead you into relationship with the feminine archetype that supports your thriving.

    There are many empowering feminine archetypes. We see them appear in myths and art.  Carl Jung talked about the importance of archetypes for the way they represent universal patterns of behavior and call out inner strength.

    Archetypes are reflections and aspects of our own self. They help us grow into who we already are deep down by reminding us of what is true but hidden within. 

     by modeling for us what we may not have seen modeled for us growing up. 

    When we get to know our own inner sex goddess and understand her archetype, she can help us move through whatever season of life we are in, my being the model we were missing growing up. Like good mothers, they shape us not by force, but by grace, bringing us insight and wisdom for how to unfold into the fullness of who we are with power and love. 

    The first step to finding your inner sex goddess is identifying who she is and what has shut her down or is dimming her light.

    Every woman's inner sex goddess alive and well within. She is part of your original essence, your hidden wholeness. Despite what you may think or feel right now, rest assured that your inner sex goddess is not lost or broken. She is safe and protected within you. 

    Reconnecting with her is a powerful element in learning how to love ourselves into wholeness. 

    The second step is nourishing her with proven self-care practices, meditations and movements that will encourage her to awaken and shine.

    The Find Your Inners Sexy Process is a super fun and powerful way to jumpstart clarity, confidence, agency and joy in your life. It works to improve your sex-life, your marriage, and your whole life. 

    How it works:

    You’ll start with a two part online assessment. The first part is super fun. Think of it as a special kind of personality test to get to know the bombshell/vixen/starlet/wild-women within. 

    Then I'll get a copy of your results and study them carefully to prepare for our deep-dive conversation. Then we’ll meet over the phone or skype for 60-75 minutes to discuss together. This will be a super empowering and exciting conversation.

    I’ll share what I find and ask you lots of questions. At the end of the call, you’ll have a deep appreciation of the sex goddess within, and a menu of practical tools, resources and advice to. I'll also pair you with your very own sex goddess archetype to help you continue your growth.  I’ll give you my little black book of key resources for sexual well-being and feminine wholeness and my recommendations for further coaching, if I think we’d be a good fit.

    Our no-holds barred conversation will give you new eyes to see who you are. We'll take a look at all the things that are overwhelming you and causing you fear, guilt, shame, or stuck-ness in the realm of womanhood and I'll use my intuitive guidance and professional training to hand-pick key practices that will allow you to to deepen your confidence and shine as the sexy, whole, confident and joyful woman you are. 

    This is a one-of-a-kind process that I developed to address two important aspects of empowered sexuality: 1) Knowing who you are and what you want and 2). Understanding where the blocks are and what is the most loving way to remove them.

    You will come away with AHA moments and a whole new compassionate and empowered perspective on sex, your body, and your whole self.  You won't leave our call without knowing exactly what to do for this next season in order to grow closer to all that you want to experience as a woman-- in sex, love, relationships, spirituality, family and career.

    If deeper self-love, confidence, and passion are things you want more of in your life (in the bedroom and beyond) I think you will LOVE the Find Your Inner Sexy Process.

    This process is has been specifically designed for woman who aren't ready for one-on-one coaching, but who are ready (and really want!) deep insight and effective tools to put to use now, so that they don't have to wait one more day longing to feel alive.

    YOU GET:

    • Two-part online assessment:
      • Part 1: Unlock your sensual personality style
      • Part 2: Unveil the blocks holding you back
    • A 60-75 minute deep dive conversation with me
    • A recording of our call
    • A list of self-care practices recommended for you to continue to awaken and nourish sexual well-being and feminine wholeness, along with the perfect essential oils pairing for emotional support.
    • Recommendations for any further coaching, along with suggested books, podcasts, and other resources


    So excited for you to begin your journey! When a woman finds her inner sexy she gains her own connection back to a world of pleasure, belonging, confidence and joy. That's where you are a headed. Smile big.