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Soulful education that teaches you how to grow in wholeness and happiness as a woman... for just $34/month. 


Love, Sex, Spirituality & Sacred Relationship

“With these teachings, I’ve realized I can be all of the things. Spiritual AND sexual; grace AND fire; holy AND wild. My husband likes the change too. Thank you.”
— FWU Student


Create Your Own Curriculum in love, sex, femininity, spirituality and sacred relationship wisdom

Enrolling in Feminine Wholeness University gives you access to all the courses and online programs I've created that teach on wild and holy femininity, romance, adventure, inner peace, self-love, sexual wholeness, authentic spirituality, and sacred relationship.

Go At Your Own Pace

Go at your own pace, follow along my programs from start to finish, or customize your experience and create your own curriculum from the cornucopia of teachings found within these 5 core programs.

Affordable education

Learn what you need to feel more whole and free as a woman without breaking the bank. 

What does it take to be free?

(My story)



For the past 11 years, I have obsessed with one question:

What does it take to be free?

In 2006 I was lost and alone as a single mother, crippled by shame and a history of sexual and spiritual trauma, living at home with my parents in a state of high-risk depression, anxiety, fear and debilitating self-doubt. 

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Desperate to heal myself  for the sake of my son, I began a journey of self-discovery, self-care and self-transformation to find inner peace and freedom. 

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I was stuck behind a fortress of embodied limiting beliefs, created by a calcification of lies about my own identity.

Lies that said...

  • I was disqualified from living a beautiful life.
  • I was unworthy of love.
  • I was "too much" for relationships and belonging.
  • I was "not enough" to make it big in the world and find success.
  • I was destined to succumb to a family history of depression and anxiety
  • I would grow old with the excruciating frustration and heartbreaking disappointment of a lifetime of unfulfilled dreams. 

It took monumental desire and relentless hope to press-on through this story in my head.

But I did press on. 

Through the dark, not knowing the path, I trusted Something, and held tight to my childhood belief that deep down every single one of us is made for True Romance & Meaningful Adventure.

I found God. 

I met my soul mate.

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We became a family and had another baby.

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I studied yoga and meditation.

He got sober.

We woke up to the hidden dysfunction in our marriage and our sex life.

I started a journey to healing the deepest wounds my body and soul carried-- being raped at 15 by boys who called themselves "Christians."

I through myself into learning everything I could about wholeness, healing, embodiment and self-actualization. 

I invested over $40,000 on training, coaching, counseling, and learning from the ones who have made it to the other side. 

I was dog-on-a-bone about it. 

Wildly demanding to find out for myself...

What does it take to be free?



But my journey was never just about me.  It was also about all the other women like me.  I was driven to do the deepest personal work and get certified in the highest training available (600 hours as a holistic sex, love and relationship coach). 

All along the way I was compelled to pass along the things I was learning that were rapidly changing how I saw myself as a woman.

I was becoming more whole and free with every month that passed.

I didn't wait till things were perfect before I created courses for my tribe.

I felt a holy urgency to get these healing tools and empowering new perspectives out there to the women who needed them before it was all polished

Every step of the way of my own feminine wholeness journey I was willing to look the fool so that others could become more free.

I took chances, said things no one else was saying, got flack from my Christian community, went out in front to push back the energy of shame coming from the outside world, and without realizing it, created a powerful body of work that has served hundreds of women on the path rediscovering their hidden wholeness and sourcing authentic, embodied happiness. 

I'm compiling this body of work into "Feminine Wholeness University" and making it ridiculously affordable so that more women can get access to the teachings, tools, conversations, and practices that lead to true freedom and a greater capacity to embody love in every area of life.... joyful femininity, healthy sexuality, authentic spirituality, and deeply connected and thriving relationships.

Take a Peek

The curriculum:

(Total Value $2593)

1. The Romance & Adventure Pilgrimage

5-week journey of the heart to recover your dreams and believe again in good and whimsical things.You CAN live a life of true romance and meaningful adventure and the Romance & Adventure Pilgrimage was created to help you do that without you needing to lose one pound, find a spouse or change your spouse, move to another country, or make more money first. Everything you need is already within you. Take the journey to recover what you've lost.


What you'll learn through the R&A Pilgrimage:

  • How to redefine romance and adventure for yourself and how to let it continue to evolve and deepen through every season of life
  • How to create a new vision for a rich life of love and freedom.
  • How to unlock the power of whimsy, vulnerability and engagement to fulfill your dreams.
  • How to be brave in the face of fear, shame & disappointment.
  • How to find lightness and joy in being you.
  • How to trust in what you truly desire.
  • How to recover from past heartbreak and emotional wounds.
  • How to re-engage with your dreams.
  • How to shift from feeling stuck and disqualified to feeling free and ready to receive.
  • How to fall in love with life anew each day.
  • How to befriend possibility and move with confidence in the direction of what you really want.
  • How to be present in the moment.
  • How to believe that the dreams inside you matter and ways to give yourself permission to embrace them without needing validation from anyone else. 

(Value $199)

2. The Sophia Sessions 

12+ hours of Sophia Session teachings to empower your study and journey of Feminine Wholeness. Includes Sophia Embodied meditations, sensual yoga practices for enhanced connection to root space and emotional clearing, and powerful intention setting workshop.


What you'll learn through the Sophia Sessions:  

  • How to love yourself into wholeness (end the war within)
  • How to own your S.H.E. Power (Sexy Holy Energy
  • How to practically incorporate the 3 Core Essentials of Self-Care into your daily life. 
  • Ways to understand and embody the Divine Feminine
  • How to become the best steward of your Emotional Destiny
  • How to embrace the 5 Pillars of Sexy Wholeness for more confidence and healthier relationships
  • Personal development secrets to getting your beautiful mind and brilliant body on the same team
  • How to heal emotional wounds incurred at puberty through developing new love & respect for your Lady Parts
  • What you need to know to rock the Art of the Sexy Selfie
  • How to use essential oils for Feminine Wholeness
  • How to create more inward compassion through the nurturing Heart-Yoni breath work practice
  • 3 hours of ask me anything replays where it's real talk about orgasms,  the difference between unhealthy masturbation and healthy self-pleasuring, sex toys, etc. 

($199 Value)

3. Body of Bliss: Healing Sensuality & Jade Egg Essentials

A step-by-step video course full of healing sensuality and feminine wholeness self-care practices that takes you from feeling shame and disconnection from your own body, into feeling true wholeness and bliss. Beginner's guide to the Jade Egg, including 7 powerful practices to heal, restore, renew and remember self-love, pleasure, playfulness, courageous presence, honor and power.


What you'll learn through Body of Bliss:

  • How to create a sacred sensual healing practice for yourself and ritual space.
  • 3 keys to an amazing jade egg practice
  • Guided ritual on owning the power of permission.
  • Simple guide to jade egg hygiene and how to choose the right jade egg
  • Tips on how to practice with the jade egg for improved moon cycles, fertility, and menopause
  • Practice suggestions to feel your most radiant and magnetic self before a date;
  • Give your energy system a clean slate from stress and toxic relationship residue;
  • Boost of confidence to remember your inner bad-ass.
  • Video Guided Practices on The 12 Healing Sensuality Essentials (Tender Self-Touch, Inner Smile, Movement Medicine, Delighting in Your Senses, Advanced Breast Massage, Sensual Heart Breath, Inner Sanctuary, Sounding Truth, Freeing Your Free Spirit, Happy Humping, Owning Your Power, Body of Bliss Circuit)
  • Removing shame around pleasure, embracing innocent delight
  • The way to self-heal sexual trauma through tenderness and presence
  • Reawakening joy of playfulness for authentically feminine wildness and whimsy
  • Secrets of fulfilling your sacred calling via owning and embodying your power

($499 Value)

4. The Romance & Adventure Sutras

6-week journey for couples equipping your relationship with the tools, communication skills, healing practices and new ways of seeing from both male and female perspectives to shine light into bedroom darkness and show you both the way out of fear, guilt and shame in your most intimate relationship so you can experience epic sex and redemptive love story in the bedroom and beyond. 


What you'll learn in the Romance & Adventure Sutras:

  • The Art of Paying Attention ( & Foreplay)
  • Understand the inherent error of normal foreplay and a better solution for getting in the mood.
  • Learn how to make all day foreplay with the 5 senses.
  • Rediscover everything you need to know about the "Big P" (It's not what you think).
  • Manage anxiety around differing desire levels.
  • Create healthy boundaries with your digital devices and develop new rituals for slowing down.
  • Practice the lost arts of pursuit and seduction.
  • Understand the practical matters of female sensuality.
  • Learn proven brain strategies to make it easier to "just be here" with one another
  • The Art of Being Known (+ Turn Ons)
  • Unlock the sexiness of remembering who you are and forgetting everything you think you know about your partner.
  • Let go of what once was to make room for a bright new future.
  • Decipher the most powerful language of apology and forgiveness for you and your partner.
  • Reconnect with your own heart so that you can share more meaningfully with your lover.
  • Release buried fear, guilt and shame to find new freedom.
  • The Art of Coming Home ( & Intimate Touch)
  • Discover the secret to having enough energy for sex.
  • Learn how to transition from work to home, from thinking/performing/doing mode to feeling/connecting/abiding mode.
  • Cultivate your own nourishing practices of self-care to feel lovely, desirable and sexy.
  • Create a sanctuary of rest in the bedroom that renews the soul.
  • Define your own relaxation routine that gets you in the mood your way.
  • Have fun bonding in playful ways with the somatic play video series.
  •  The Art of Fighting the Good Fight ( + Shagging)
  • Learn the practice of Courageous Presence
  • Bring darkness to light without feeling ashamed.
  • Embrace the powers of vulnerability like never before to overcome resistance in your emotional, personal, professional, and financial lives.
  • Help your partner come alive and experience a new passion for life.
  • Practice the fine art of shagging (and have crazy fun).
  • The Art of Daring & Dreaming (+ Oral Sex)
  • Be brave and spice things up not only in bed, but in how you do all of life together.
  • Communicate your wants, wishes, hopes and dreams.
  • Learn how to dream again even if you've been devastated by disappointment in the past.
  • Architect your own romantic rendezvous full of the 3 elements of passion.
  • The Art of Ultimate Fulfillment (+ Orgasms)
  • Powerfully embody being a woman and surrender fully to allow him to be all he can be as a man.
  • Adopt the key insights from the Kama Sutra to serve your relationship.
  • Transcend limiting beliefs to experience a whole new level of freedom.
  • Unlock the joy of receiving.
  • Discover the simple and profound practices of Tantra.
  • Cultivate resilient hope that sets your future up for unstoppable happiness, passion and transcendent success.

($1297 Value)

5. The Bedroom Godsend for Deeper Connection & Divine Intimacy

Learn 9 simple tantra-inspired practices to feel way more present and connected in the bedroom. Guided video and audios to explore your own sacred sexuality in a fun, easy-going way. No fluff, just the proven, practical and embodied steps to experiencing more safety, love and belonging with each other. 


What you'll learn inside The Bedroom Godsend for Deeper Connection & Divine Intimacy:

  • Secrets to creating a genuine and embodied sense of safety, love and belonging for one another
  • How to create ritual space in the bedroom
  • 4 keys to communication magic (the guidelines for building safety and trust in verbal communication)
  • 5 exercise to build intimacy without saying a word
  • The classic tantric practices proven to create better connection and deepen pleasure via pure presence
  • How to awaken the 5 senses to activate sensuality and bliss
  • Become more attuned to your own energy and your partner's energy through  simple guided breath work practices
  • Inspire a sexy way of relating to yourself and to one another through the embodiment of the divine feminine and divine masculine. 

(Value $399)



Get ALL five PROGRAMS for 97% off

(offers ends May 10th)

You can enroll in Feminine Wholeness University today and get access to all five programs and courses for only $34/month.

(The total value is $2500+).

Option 1 Includes:

  • The Romance & Adventure Pilgrimage
  • The Sophia Sessions
  • Body of Bliss Healing Sensuality & Jade Egg Course,
  • Romance & Adventure Sutras,
  • Bedroom Godsend for Deeper Connection & Divine Intimacy
  • Bonus Material of Exclusive Content Every Month
  • Monthly "Sophia Swag" give-aways for active students to keep you motivated.
  • $200 credit for any 2019 Sophia Retreat


No long-term obligation. You can cancel FWU anytime.



Option 2 (VIP package): includes all of the above + Mentorship with Morgan

This option is best for you if:  You feel called to lead others from your own embodied inner wholeness in a key area of life, as a mother, healer, artist,  entrepreneur, or world-changer. You don't just want course material, you want living transmission from a personal coach to help you get where you are meant to be faster than going at it alone. 

Mentorship with Morgan includes:

  • lifetime access to Feminine Wholeness University
  • $200 discount on Sophia Retreat
  • 4 transformative Sophia Embodied 1-on-1 sessions with Morgan:

1. Desire Recovery & 5-Sense Activation of Your Most Radiant Self

A step-by-step process designed to powerfully uncover what you really want (not what  think you should want) and create an embodied "preview" of  the whole and woman you are becoming so that your nervous system has a map to assist you on you way to wholeness.

2. Liberation from Family Dynamics Process

When we keep hitting a wall of the same old issues, blockages and fears in our life around our identity and worthiness as women, often time it's complex family of origin dynamics that trap us from being able to break free.  Through a loving process that doesn't make your caretakers wrong or bad, we will liberate you from habituated familial behaviors and beliefs to recover the unconscious self-expression and truth that got lost so that you can move forward as a mature woman in your life instead of a lost little girl. 

3. Re-mothering the Inner Child

Unconscious inner child energies, thought patters, beliefs, and especially woundings often are sabotaging your best efforts to create the life (and love story) you want. Through the process of embracing the inner child you will learn what your inner child needs to feel safe with you stepping into a bigger, more radiant and authentic life of freedom. 

4. Building an Inner Ecology of Thriving

Thriving is at the heart of happiness and feeling fulfilled in every area of your life.  To thrive every human being needs safety, love and belonging. To build an inner ecology of thriving means you gain the ability to self-validate and self-regulate so you no longer have to feel needy for the outside world's approval of you. Through Inner Ecology of Thriving Process you will you gain insight and appreciation for the four seasons of life (and which one you are currently operating in) plus a mutual respect for the path of pleasure and the path of purification that reveals your deepest feminine wisdom, guiding you to manifest your dreams in a way and at a pace that bring you the most happiness and fulfillment.

We're more alike than different...

Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 1.14.11 PM.png

i have never experienced anything like this with another coach or counselor

 Morgan has equipped me with the tools I need to experience peace at any moment, despite my circumstances, and also to find the wisdom I desperately have been searching for to heal from the wounds I have been carrying around with me for over half of my lifetime.  

She taught me how to drop into my body and my own deep wisdom through the breath and find answers when I am feeling stuck or there is conflict in my relationship.  This is something I will practice my whole life long! 

I am amazed at the power I now have to love and care for myself and then love my partner better, from my own wholeness.  This is priceless.  

I have let go of the belief that my partner needs to change or heal in the way I imagined he did in order for me to feel whole, vibrant and alive. 

-Barbara G.

Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 1.14.28 PM.png

just what i needed to enter into a life of freedom

Working with Morgan kick started my healing journey. I definitely grew up in a culture of shame. It wasn't intentionally shaming, but a lot of things were never talked about which created shame through silence. I feel like I put shame on myself in a lot of ways because I didn't know better.

Morgan provided a safe, loving environment for me to begin connecting with myself and healing old wounds and past shame, which gave me the freedom to pursue the kinds of sex and intimacy I wanted.

The practices she taught me and the guiding she gave me was just what I needed to begin finding and loving my true self and to enter into a life of freedom. 

-Alisha H.

Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 1.14.53 PM.png

i thought i was doomed never to enjoy sex

I've used to believe that my body is broken, doomed to not enjoy sex. I thought it would always be painful. So not true! I know now that my desires are indeed okay and wonderful, and that I can live healthily and happily, enjoying sex and intimacy with my husband (and self pleasure!!) I recommend one-on-one coaching with Morgan to anyone who needs a guide for navigating the field of healthy sexuality. She is so full of understanding and love and the space she holds for all the tricky sticky stuff is so healing. 

-Kristina G.

 Nothing to Lose, Only More Wholeness & Happiness to Gain


I want you to be able to get you feet wet without any risk to you. I'm offering a 30-day no questions asked gaurantee on Feminine Wholeness University enrollment. If for any reason you decided it's not for you, no worries at all. Just send me an email and I'll refund you 100%. 

I  trust you.  And I trust this work. Be at peace!

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