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I'm partnering with the amazing Katie Den Ouden, food and soul coach and dear friend to get you some incredible bonuses, starting with this beautiful Essential Oils Quick Starter Guide. This is something Katie normally only shares with her 12 Week Skinny Dip Society Immersion members, but she is sharing it with us too because she knows we are all kindreds! 

First...Watch the Feminine Wholeness & Essential Oils Class in Sophia Sessions


Another doTERRA friend put it this way: Think of it like this. You can get your food from Taco Bell or you can go to Chipotle. One is wildly more fresh and wonderful without all the additives. Same thing with oils…and with oil? It matters, big time. As EOs are becoming more widely known and used for their benefits & results, more companies are sourcing/ manufacturing/ selling oils the short cut + cheap route with fillers, additives, and concentrated doses of synthetic fragrances and chemicals. Companies are not required by law to write any of that on the bottle. 100% pure does not have to be 100% pure. Watch the replay of the class I taught in the Sophia Sessions for why I chose doTerra and why it’s the only company of oils that I’ll use or recommend.


doTERRA's commitment to environmental and social justice, and the impact we consumers get to make in the growers' lives, families and communities around the world is in complete alignment with my husband and my values. In our mind, it's not enough to make a good product these days, it's important to do good and share the good, too.  We especially need to make sure we are benefiting the communities who need it most. doTERRA does this and it makes me so proud to be on their team!



Let me simplify this goodness: doTERRA Wholesale Membership. It works just like a Costco membership. Open a wholesale account and for a full year you get 25% off all oils and products – no catches, no monthly order requirement, no strings attached – just the highest quality, purest oils available in the world today. You can get a Wholesale Membership for $35 USD, or the smarter way is to start with a kit. All of the kits doTERRA offers waive the $35 wholesale fee. It’s that simple. 

Each kit is designed to target a specific purpose or desire. Below are my favorite kits to get started with + why, so you can take the guesswork and overwhelm away and start reaping the benefits. 

Already know exactly what you want?
Just scroll to the bottom for the simple 5 Steps to Get Started + time sensitive Bonuses.

The Natural Solutions kit is a BEST SELLER – for a reason. It combines the most popular and versatile essential oils for physical + emotional support in your body with the most popular wellness products (always pure EOs infused in each). Each of these to support your immune system, improve focus, support sleep and energy, balance hormones, support healthy joints and muscles,reduce your toxic load, and support your emotional health and wellbeing {hello, reducing limiting beliefs and patterns}. 

WHAT YOU GET: Top 10 essential oils, along with 8 other popular single oils and blends. Lifelong Vitality Pack (phenomenal supplement system with key EOs included to support with metabolism and absorption of the nutrients). Aromalite 8-hour diffuser (my favorite!). On Guard (immune protective blend) self-care products + digestive system supports. And finally non-toxic hair care (smells amazing!) and the adorable wooden box to store your oils for easy use and access. I use every single one of these products.  

KIT: $550 USD


The Home Essentials kit is an awesome cost-effective way to get the top 10 most popular essential oils + the 4-hour Petal diffuser into your home and life. These 10 oils lay the foundation to makeover your medicine cabinet, support your immune system, hormones, energy, sleep, muscle recovery and joint support, clear skin/irritations, and reduction of inflammation – especially if you have little ones in your home! We use all of these oils weekly, if not daily. 

KIT: $275 USD

The AromaTouch Diffused Kit is the perfect way to get your toes wet with 8 super popular and useful essential oils (in smaller 5ml bottles) that support relaxation, immune support, muscle & lymphatic system support, detoxification, and emotional releasing & transitions PLUS the 4-hour Petal diffuser and coconut carrier oil (to dilute the oils!). This kit is one of my favs if you’re not ready to dive in deeper as it combines some of the most popular health supports with key emotional health oils that aren’t included in the other smaller kits (wild orange, balance, AromaTouch). 

KIT: $150 USD

OTHER KITS: Those are my favorite kits, but there are a few more. You can check out the additional kits here. But know that with over 300 people in Katie Den Ouden' essential oil tribe, most of them wish they would have followed this kit advice. :) These kits give you the best start with your oil experience and the most savings all around! 

You can purchase retail here (click the ‘shop” tab at the top), but rarely do people do that as it’s not smart costwise. 

5 Simple Steps to Get Your 25% Discount

STEP 1:  Click HERE + enter your language and country and hit continue.

STEP 2:  Select “Wholesale Customer” (if you just want to use the oils) or “Wellness Advocate” (if you’d like to get your oils paid for by sharing with friends/create a biz) and then hit continue. If outside the US/Canada, select Wellness Advocate. You’ll receive the exact same benefits and no additional requirements.

STEP 3:  Fill in your personal info. The “Enroller ID” and “Sponsor ID” boxes should already be filled in for you, but if not, enter “1039005” and the name should come up as “The Cecils or Morgan and Ron Cecil “. Click continue.

STEP 4: Select your starter kit OR create your own ‘kit’ by selecting the Introductory Packet {$35 membership fee} and add your selected items to your cart by typing them into the field that says “Enter additional item # or product name.” 

STEP 5: Finalize your shipping and payment options. Click “Process Order Now & Continue” – you’re almost done! On the last screen, you’ll be given the option of creating your Loyalty Rewards order. Select/pass on that and you’re set! 

ONCE YOU SIGN UP FOR THE WHOLESALE MEMBERSHIP:  I’ll personally be in touch to give you access to all of your bonuses below! And, if you enroll with a starter kit, keep an eye out for your bonus Feminine Wholeness oils in your snail mail!


  • Essential 101 Training Course 
  • Private EO "Live By Design" FB Tribe
  • 30 min 1-on-1 call with me, Morgan! 
  • Snail mail gift of feminine wholeness goodness