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  • Are you wanting to begin your own journey of Feminine Wholeness with other women just like you who are ready to let go of shame, embody love, and live sexy and free? Click here to join the Sophia School of Feminine Wholeness. 
  • Or maybe you’re finally ready to take some time-out to reconnect to yourself, change your relationship to sex and actually love being a woman? 
  • Or does compassionate and transformative mentorship and continuous support and accountability throughout your journey to restoring your hidden feminine wholeness and sexy and sacred superpowers sound like what you need?  (Yes, you are allowed to choose all of the above!)

For 2018, I’m working with (only) 5 devoted and ready-to-transform women at any given time.  If you’re interested (and there’s space), you can find out more info here. 

While I can’t answer individual sex, love & relationship questions, I DO answer a slew of Q’s in the Sophia Sisterhood and on my blog, and I’ve created all sorts of free resources for you, including my weekly inspiration + practical action steps in my weekly love notes. Subscribe right here...

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