Sophia & Desire Full-Day Workshop
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Sophia & Desire Full-Day Workshop

Feel worthy, confident and empowered around your most personal and meaningful goals. 

We all have goals in life. 

Goals around our health, our career, bucket-list, bank account, family life and love life. 

But goals around sex, love and relationships aren't goals we get to talk about often enough.

And, most of us haven't been given a clear map of how to achieve these kinds of goals. 

But what's life without them?

All the money in the world can't buy you happiness in a relationship.

And even if your career is going great, if you aren't feeling free or connected to your own feminine body and soul, you know you're missing something.

What if you could dedicate one day in August to getting the tools you need so that you could move forward in your life with less frustration, and more love and powerful clarity?  What if you could learn a proven roadmap for getting what you want?

You could do this with me in front of your computer at home in a one-on-one session, but wouldn't be so much better to do it in person!?

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The Sophia & Desire Full-Day Workshop combines feminine yoga movement practice and guided meditation with an interactive teaching on the 12-step master map to achieving your sex, love and relationship goals, with an hour of girl time following our inner-work to talk candidly in a small group of kindred spirits-- all the while enjoying the Portland vibe.

It's a full-day workshop with the right balance of work and play. You'll have time at lunch for personal reflection, exploring one of Portland's hippest neighborhoods. In the evening, you'll be handed a glamorous glass of prosecco to toast your authentic, courageous and strategic work around knowing what you really want (as a woman/in your relationship/in the bedroom); and what you'll need internally and externally in order to get it. 

There is so much feminine wisdom around desire!

We don't have to stay stuck or insecure anymore. So let's bring out the Sophia in you and have some fun getting a jumpstart on the next beautiful season of your life.


  • 3 magical practices of feminine embodiment.

  • The 12-Step Master Map to Achieving Your Goals from the Rapid Life Transformation System

  • How to practice owning and choosing what you most desire to feel everyday (so that you can receive more of that into your life in the way that you dream!)

  • Embodiment keys and breathwork practices to live a truly high-vibration life.

  • Practical tips on feeling sexy from a holistic perspective.


Investment: $250

Includes Sophia & Desire Workbook and prosecco happy hour + nibbles.

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4:00 PM16:00

Nine Revolution Retreat: Vermont

When: Sept 10-15, 2017

Where: Waitsfield, Vermont 

Learn More:


  • deep healing and transformation

  • overcoming fears & guilt. It's about getting healthy: emotionally, physically and mentally

  • about defining boundaries: emotional & physical in business & personal

  • accepting that past trauma does not define or control us any longer

  • learning about better communication with your children, co-workers, employees and family

  • business and financial coaching

  • small and intimate: 36 attendees

  • a safe place to talk about sexual well-being and relationships

  • freeing ourselves from self-hate talk; truthful beauty

  • health & wellness

  • learning leadership skills for work, school and home; confidence

  • learning to live a zero waste lifestyle: make your own toothpaste, body butter, lip balm and more!


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to Jul 13

Sophia Embodied Italy Retreat

This Sophia Embodied Retreat in Italy will focus on the 5 Elements of Feminine Healing: Story, Breath, Dance, Knowledge, and Shared Experience.

Think of this retreat as one part revitalizing practice of embodiment, one part training in the study of feminine wholeness, and one part deeply nourishing girl time in an ancient region of Italy.

"It is very beautiful to follow what the body loves... the body loves gentleness". ~Sandra Sabatini

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5:00 PM17:00

Sophia Wisdom Circle April

For centuries women have gathered in meaningful circles to share our stories, speak our truth, and remember JOY so we can find our way back to our own hidden and collective wholeness.

The Sophia Circle is a safe place where you can share what’s really going on in your heart and life, bond with other women who are bravely leaning in to Love, and learn new tools to tenderly and powerfully shift your relationship with womanhood.

It's 3 hours of in-depth healing conversations where we will travel the path of feminine wholeness together, drink wine and tea, and dive deeper into the topics that profoundly impact our experience as women...

April 8th: Money

May 6th: Motherhood

June 10: Relationships & Marriage

When: Saturday, April 8 5:00-8:00pm

Where: 1542 NW 14th Ave, Portland, OR 97209

What to Bring: Yoga Mat, Warm Layers/Blanket, Journal, Wine or Drinks to Share

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9:00 AM09:00

LIGHT: A Spring Detox Workshop

Feel Light.

Be Light.

Shine Light.

Prepare for Spring with this yoga + emotional wellness workshop. Detox the body, heart, mind and soul with a yoga practice and teaching that focuses on asana and breath practices that leave you feeling bright and shiny from the inside out. Plus... transformative self-care strategies to rid the body/mind of toxic stress and give you a game plan for the best Spring ever.

When: Saturday April 1st 9:00am-12pm

Where: Friendly House 1542 NW 14th Ave, Portland, OR 97209

What to bring: Yoga mat, journal, snacks.

Also includes: A Powerful Yoga Nidra Download for Deep Rest and Spring Self-Care Jumpstart Guide.



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