Wonder {Mini-Pilgrimage Day 6}

Does God only pucker at certain moments of one’s life?

No Way!

He is the wildest of us lovers.

- Hafiz


One evening a few years ago, our little family walked to the park after dinner. It was warm and all of us were happy. Then we noticed the sky.

The sky was divided into blue, white, and dark-gray pockets. Like trojan horses the rain clouds rushed in and we began to head for cover. Before we could make it home, we were caught in the Rain-Shine Storm!

It was my husband who first noticed how surreal it all was: Raindrops the size of robin eggs shining in the sun like crystal pouches of power. He opened his mouth to try to catch them, and then my son joined him, and soon my then three year old daughter and I were standing with our jaws ajar too.

We were all catching raindrops in our mouth and laughing as they hit our noses and forehead and chin.

"This is like the best real-life video game ever!" My 8 year old screamed in joy.


Wonder is so entertaining. How dare we say we are ever bored?

Pausing for a moment to watch my 3 favorite people on all the Earth catch raindrops in their mouth, I marveled at the whimsy and beauty of it all. It was just a common Wednesday evening, but God was puckering his lips and we were receiving His kiss. Is the world always this full of these kisses and I did not notice?

"Thank you God for this adventure called life," I whispered.

Then I returned my gaze to the sky in awe and wonder.



Take out your journal and set your timer for 5 minutes. Write about the last time your experienced real awe and wonder for something. Don't let your pen leave the page. Write about every single detail you can remember. Was it something in nature? Something you saw in your child? How did the state of wonder make you feel? 

Slowing down gives us the opportunity to see each person, each raindrop, each bite of dark chocolate, as a wonder worthy of awe. Wonder leads to awe, awe leads to appreciation, appreciation leads to gratitude, gratitude leads to joy, joy leads to lightness, lightness leads to love, and love leads to new adventure.

Today, watch how life begins again when you invite in wonder and awe. No matter what kind of dead-end day or week you have been experiencing, wonder is all the remedy you need. Wonder cures us of boredom and small, self-absorbed thinking. Wonder reminds us the world is still a beautiful, adventurous and magical place to be. (We will be going deep, deep into the Power of Whimsy, Principle #2 in creating a Romantic and Adventurous life, in the 5 week Summer Pilgrimage. It is one of the most important "skills" to learn in living wholehearted and free). May you feel the wild love of God today in surprising and entertaining ways. 

Can't wait to meet you back here tomorrow with a wondrous sparkle in your eye, for day 7 of our 7 day journey.Grace & Peace,


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CORE TRUTH: Life can begin again.



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Meet Your Guide


Hi! I'm Morgan. I wanted to share a little about me for those who are new here! (Welcome!)

I come from a personal and family history of anxiety and depression. That dark world almost swallowed me whole, but it didn't; I found the path of romance, adventure and feminine wholeness instead.

By way of yoga and meditation and overcoming my own struggles with womanhood- from sex and food, relationships and to self-worth, motherhood and career-- I found my way into my current work as an Integrated Feminine Wholeness Coach specializing in Sex, Love & Relationships.

I am so in love with this job where I get to partner with incredible woman (like you!) to help them FEEL in their bodies and soul what they are made to feel. I hope this Mini-Pilgrimage gives you a taste of what's possible when you come home to yourself.

My all time favorite quote is "The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return." That sums up the message of Jesus to me, perfectly. It's always and forever about Love.

Fun facts: My husband and I sometimes do a podcast called Sexy Tuxedo Jesus. I've held many fun jobs including flight attendant and pole-dancing instructor. I'm a mom of two. We live in Portland, Or. But I escape to warm places as often as possible. My favorite place is Italy and I'll be there with 9 of you in July for the Sophia Embodied Retreat! That one is sold out but I'll be opening up a September Sophia Retreat in Palm Springs soon.

I'm so happy you are here. And I'm always just on the other side of these emails, so don't hesitate to hit "reply" and say hello! I look forward to it!

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