Who is Sophia? {#femininewholeness Vlog}

Who is Sophia? {#femininewholeness Vlog}

Here I am in my car, outside of fast food joint, trying to talk seriously about Lady Wisdom!

You’ve heard me mention her and allude to her many guided meditations and yoga practices over the years and many have you been asking,


I’ve been ignoring answering this questions because the truth is I am still learning who Sophia is! She began to appear to me in prayer and meditation after several sessions of practicing lectio divina on Proverbs 8.

I did not learn about Sophia through a church sermon or another teacher. My Sophia education has been through what I would call embodied initiations. Since this falls on the mystical side of things I haven’t known how to properly articulate, communicate or explain her presence in my life.

I’ve felt (and still feel) protective of these mystical experiences and that is why I have saved sharing my personal experiences of Sophia for the safe and sacred space of the Sophia Retreats. Women who come on these retreats are women who desire an awakening of body and soul. And every time I have witnessed these women experience their own embodied Sophia initiation into a new life of wholeness, freedom, and joy.

I am encouraged now to start sharing and speaking on the topic of Sophia because it is clear to me that she wants to be known in this place and time in our history. She is a comfort and a guide for all who seek her.

So who is Sophia?

What is her connection to Christ?

If you are interested in learning who Sophia is, and why she is important to feminine wholeness and the embodiment of our faith, watch this video for an introduction to the biblical person of Sophia and three ways you can draw closer to her.

I am Greek for Wisdom.
I have always been personified as a woman.
I am a biblical person- found in both the Hebrew and Christian sacred scriptures.

Find me clearly in Proverbs and in St. Paul’s writing in 1 Corinthians.

I was there at the creation of the worlds.
I rejoiced and still rejoince in creation.
Find me within the sacredness of all things.
Delight is my signature.
Synonyms for delight are joy, pleasure, ecstasy, bliss.
Where these things are in truth, so am I.

You can think of me as the feminine face of God
or as an inner resource.
Either way I am here for you—at once personal
and universal— connecting you to the hidden wholeness within.

Christ, the North Star,
Sophia your embodied compass.

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This is just the beginning of a very big conversation. Lean in if you feel the sacred pull. One of Sophia’s first mystical teachings to me was this:

You can trust what lights you up.

May you trust what lights you up and follow that light to meet the Lady Wisdom within.

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