Where to Buy Lingerie That Speaks to Your Soul

Where to Buy Lingerie That Speaks to Your Soul

2. Where to buy lingerie That speaks to your soul

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Truth: I have more sexy underwear and loungewear than pants. 

No matter that no one but my husband will ever see me in them (unless you watch one of my upcoming YouTube videos, ha!) I can't get enough silk or lace in my life.

I love shopping for lingerie. Taking the girls who came with me to the Rome Sophia Retreat on a lingerie tour was so much fun.

(Spoiler alert: I'm also taking the women who join me on the next Portland Sophia Retreat happening in Portland, OR January 2018 on a lingerie tour too!)

Where to find great lingerie that actually speaks to your soul is one of the questions I get asked the most.

So here are 11 of my top recommendations of where to find great lingerie and sexy loungewear YOU feel good in... 

(because it's gotta be for you first-- just putting something on for him isn't nearly as much fun!) 

  1. Intimissimi:  My first love! I found it while living in Italy where lingerie shops are more prolific than Starbucks. Last December while on a lingerie tour with the ladies of my Rome Sophia Experience, we ran into and flirted with THE Antonio Banderas (a great story for another time!). We hit all the fancy places, but it was at Intimissimi where we all scoured, finding bodysuits that looked super flattering on all our different body types.

  2. La Perla: My dream! I often peruse La Perla’s pages just to get inspired. They are the epitome of sexiness and sophistication and supreme attention to detail (the craftsmanship on these pieces, wow!). And I even love how ridiculously expensive they are. When the day comes when I feel like it’s time to spend $500 on a pair of undies, I’ll know I’ve reached a whole new level of “worthiness.”

  3. Naja is premium lingerie with a social impact and I love their nickers. Products are made by single mothers and through their Underwear for Hope program, Naja employs women in the slums of Columbia to make the lingerie bags that go with every purchase. I think you’ll fall in love with this company, too.

  4. Wacoal: Not your sexiest brand, but super practical and good quality. I actually live in their mircofiber bras most days. I love that it has no underwire. These are my go-to for under tee shirts or tightly fitting sweaters.

  5. For Love & Lemons: For my sexy bohemians.

  6. Fleurdumal: High-class style.

  7. Agent Provocateur: Naughty and so, so great.

  8. Free People Movement: Sexy athletic apparel. Personal Note: It’s a win-win when I find something sexy to wear that will take me straight from my yoga mat into another form of “yoga” with my husband. ;)

  9. Marieyat: Super cool minimalist style.  Personal Note: I really love that they feature models with stretch marks and all body types (hope to see this more the norm in the future!)

  10. Chromat: Futuristic and color block heaven.

  11. AdoreMe: Classic styles. Take a quiz to find your perfect style/fit based on your body type and they’ll curate a selection for you! Personal Note: Be warned if you download the app it, you’ll be tempted to buy a new lingerie set every single day.

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