The Sophia Desire Practice

The Sophia Desire Practice

You know what so many women struggle with?


And there is a good reason for this.

We were never encouraged to desire, to want, to celebrate longing.

So...owning our desires can feel selfish or scary. 

I know you may have grown up being taught that desire is bad and the heart cannot be trusted, but what if whoever taught you that had it wrong?

In my experience, women who keep their desires front and center are more present, radiant and alive.

Desire keeps us authentic and awake. It not only reminds us of our original essence, desire guides us forward into the woman we are becoming (or, depending on how you look at it, returns us to the radiant women we have always been).

Here is a little practice I created for you if you are having trouble relating to your desires, or if you feel guilty really owning what you want.

The Sophia Desire Practice

Step 1: Create a 10-15 min playlist of feel good songs, or set a simple timer.

Step 2: For as long as the songs are playing or as long as the timer is ticking jot down everything you can think of that lights you up. Start with simple things: name all the colors, tastes, sensations, people, places, things, experiences that bring you joy.

Step 3: When the timer beeps, reflect on your list and soak in it’s goodness for 2 min. (You can even choose a special song for this!)

Step 4: When the 2 minutes are up, or the last song is over, ask yourself: How do I feel right now? Write down your top high vibration emotions.

Now, the moment of truth!

When you are feeling these high-vibration emotions of gratitude, appreciation, excitement, connection and joy do you feel more compassionate or less? More patient with others or less? More generous with others or less? More fun to be around or less?

Here is the purpose of this practice:

Knowing we can trust the things that light us up is the first step to reclaiming and owning our desires.

(And you don't get the same benefit just reading about this practice, you got to actually do it, so make 15-min for yourself on your calendar now and do it!)

Just like our joys remind us who we really are, our desires lead us back home to our original essence and shows us where to find deeper fulfillment.

The Sophia Desire Practice is an illuminating exercise that imprints delight into your bones and let's your nervous system know it's safe to desire.

If you are looking for a simple and practical way to work through your issues around desire, make time for this exercise tonight!

If you want accountability, hit reply now and tell me you’re going to do it and then report back to me after you’ve come up with your 3 desires because someone else needs to hear them, and I’d be honored if that was me.

Let desire lead you home, back to the spacious, safe and sacred place within yourself that you long to return to...

Grace, Peace & Sacred Desire,


P.s. If you want to use my playlist for this exercise, you are more than welcome. The first 3 songs are for writing, and the last song is for soaking. :)

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