The Fall Self-Care Practice Every Woman Needs

The Fall Self-Care Practice Every Woman Needs

Fall is almost in full swing.

And if you are like me you are getting into the gear of new routines.

Most likely are somewhere in the process of figuring out your best morning/evening routines for this season.

The shift back to school, the germ assault on our immune systems, work deadlines and the steady ramp into the holidays can easily make us feel overwhelmed.

...and the first thing to go is usually our own self-care!

In the past I've been completely blindsided by the Fall shift and have ended up burnt-out, stressed out and physically sick.

This year I was ON IT.

One of my self-care practices that consistently yields the biggest results and greatest benefits for me on all levels is my meditation practice.

Meditation allows me to feel way less stressed and way more connected to the wholeness within-- regardless of what's going on in my external world.

When I'm doing it regularly it's feels like a daily visit to the well within that never runs dry.

Through meditation all the fruits of the spirit- love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self-control- become way more possible to genuinely feel and embody in my life.

Only problem is, I got to be consistent with this practice in order for the fruit of the practice to be consistent for me!

(This is true for any spiritual practice!)

I hear from women all the time that they really want to start meditating because they KNOW it would be helpful for them, but they never get around to it because of a BELIEF that it's too hard, too time consuming, or too plain boring.

I've practiced many different forms of meditation over the past 20 years and through all these different techniques I've learned one important thing:

Meditation can be simple!

(and in fact, it needs to be if we are actually going to do it!)

One of my mantras for making feminine wholeness a lifestyle is this:


Wherever life CAN be easy, for the love all things holy, LET IT BE!

There are plenty of things that are just going to be complicated. Like insurance, extended family dynamics and scheduling doctors and dentist appointments for all your kids.

But if I find a way to make something easy, I've gotten really good at giving myself permission to just let it be.

Like meal planning services, and ordering groceries online, and Amazon prime.



Making use of Guided Meditations is THE WAYI make sure my own meditation practice stays simple enough that I can do it daily, without fail.

I don't have many MUSTS in my life, but meditation is one of them. And I truly believe all of us women would benefit from doing it daily.

So here are three guided meditation services to help you do that.

  • Insight Timer: I love the nature sounds on this app and being able to pull up so many different teachers and guided meditation styles depending how I feel.

  • Headspace App: Oh his voice! And the cartoons.

  • YouTube! You can learn ANYTHING on YouTube, including how to meditate. Here is a playlist from me and a brand new guided meditation to connect you to the BEAUTY within.

  • Breathe with Love Guided Meditation Collection For those of you who want to use meditation intentionally created to experience greater feminine wholeness, this bundle is for you!

The Breathe with Love Guided Collection contains four Feminine Wholeness guided meditations and 3 fun bonus meditations, too. Recorded for you by yours truly! 

The Grace Meditation For when you feel anxious and need guidance in being able to surrender

The Peace Meditation For when you need help trusting that all will be well and you are okay

The Romance Meditation For when you want to feel less alone and held by infinite tenderness

The Adventure Meditation For when you need encouragement to say YES to life and be brave

+ 3 More Bonus Guided Meditations

You can get instant access and download them all to listen anytime/anywhere, even when you aren't connected to the internet.

The collection is normally $49, but for being in my tribe you can grab it today for only $19 with the coupon code LOVELIVEWELL.

Meditation practice isn’t about trying to throw ourselves away and become something better, it’s about befriending who we are. – Ani Pema Chodron

This week may you LET IT BE EASY where it can be, and may you become a better friend to yourself through an simple meditation practice, and feel connected daily to the the beauty and wholeness within.

Grace & Peace & Meditation,


p.s Don't miss getting the whole Breathe with Love Meditation Collection for only $19.

"These have blessed my heart so much. Morgan makes mediation easy...I feel very understood when I listen to them." ~Rebecca Inserra

The Breathe with Love Guided Meditation Collection (Buy Now)

The Breathe with Love Guided Meditation Collection (Buy Now)

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