The Breathe with Love Guided Meditation Collection (Buy Now)

The Breathe with Love Guided Meditation Collection (Buy Now)

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Get immediate access and listen anytime to the:

The Grace Meditation For when you feel anxious and need guidance in being able to surrender

The Peace Meditation For when you need help trusting that all will be well and you are okay

The Romance Meditation For when you want to feel less alone and held by infinite tenderness

The Adventure Meditation For when you need encouragement to say YES to life and be brave

+ 3 More Bonus Guided Meditations

Guided meditations are the the way I stay consistent with my own meditation practice. If you have been wishing for your own meditation practice to be more consistent or feel easier, than I have something that can help.

"The Breathe with Love Collection has blessed my heart so much. Morgan makes mediation easy...I feel very understood when I listen to them." ~Rebecca Inserra

"Fall is a time of transitions, change and finding a new normal. Often I feel overwhelmed, my capacities stretched. I don't have the time I once did so I need things that can help recenter me, refill me and realign me on the go or in a short time frame. The Breathe with Love Guided Meditations are perfect for that." - Kailey Veenstra

I imagine you are a lot like me: a bit of a mix of Romantic and Pragmatist...

You are a free spirit who loves the idea of whimsy, but you also want to see progress. If you are going to get serious about this meditation thing, you want to get real results from the time you put in!

That's how I feel, too, and that's why I created a guided meditation bundle to serve both desires. (Because if I'm going to be sitting in stillness, I want to be building my Grace, Peace, Romance & Adventure muscles and not rehashing my to-do list!)

If that's you, too, we get each other! And guided meditations can really help.

If Romance, Adventure, Grace & Peace are things you want more if in your life, here is your tool.

You want a beautiful life full of beautiful experiences.

But you also are smart.

You know this path isn't easy, so you want the right tools to help.

It's the Breathe with Love Guided Meditation Collection

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Who is Sophia? {#femininewholeness Vlog}

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