The 5 Best Feminine Intentions to Set in 2019 for the Best Year Ever!

The 5 Best Feminine Intentions to Set in 2019 for the Best Year Ever!

Recently (thanks to taking a big break from social media perhaps!) I realized I have spent most of my adult life trying to accomplish NEW goals under the same old limiting beliefs.

  • Trying to grow my business while believing it isn’t possible to be wildly successful as a businesswoman AND be fully present for my kids and husband.

  • Trying to get in better shape while believing my best body is behind me. Trying to save money for a house while believing I’ll never save enough for the house I want.

  • Trying to do a new thing on my YouTube channel while believing all my followers just want the old thing.

I could list more, because the examples are almost endless!

Trying to accomplish your goals without getting real about what your inner mind is really believing is like chaining yourself to a wall and then attempting to run full speed ahead only to blame yourself for not trying hard enough to get where you want to go!

This is more than madness. It’s ridiculously cruel to the inner little girl who is just trying to feel safe and is already terrified she isn’t good enough to live her dreams.

For so many Januarys is was like this for part of me going full steam ahead on so many good resolutions and inspiring goals, while another part of me crossed her arms and dug her heels in the sand. One part me went to work on doing, doing, doing more, while another part of me clung to the same old resistance and fears. Which one do you think normally won out come February?

You know these two parts of yourself, too!?

Well, thankfully there is a better way and that's what my new youtube video is all about.

In this video you’ll learn the difference between a goal and an intention, plus 5 empowering intentions every woman can make to feel more whole and make more progress on their goals than ever before.

Watch it now and share with a friend and then raise your hand or shout out in the comments below if you are ready to set some empowering intentions!

Here is a cheat sheet to print out on post on your fridge:

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