Spring 2018 Sophia Experience Retreat: Mother, Maiden, Goddess

Spring 2018 Sophia Experience Retreat: Mother, Maiden, Goddess

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is a wise, embodied,

passionate and compassionate

way of being

that arises when a woman

brings attention and self-acceptance

to all parts of her being,

delights in her senses daily,

relates to the world from a place of worthiness,

and nourishes herself with love. 


The Sophia Experience Retreat is 4 days of the perfect combination of luxurious R&R and deep inner work to come away feeling more embodied and connected to your own radiant Sophia Way of Being within.

Sophia, the wholeness of wisdom, has many aspects.  This Spring we are heading to the desert to meet ourselves and liberate the Mother, the Maiden, and Goddess locked within.

In the sunshine, by our own private pool, we will delight in our senses and the feminine embodiment practices that nourish us body and soul.  

Through daily sensual yoga, healing breath work and guided meditations, deeply meaning rituals, and a good dose of goofiness, glamour and fun, we will explore both shadow and light of ourselves and powerful feminine archetypes to bring about freedom and love within.

You'll come away with a deeper relationship with your own inner Sophia, more freedom in your body, more empowerment around your innate spirituality and sexuality, and the practical tools, insights and daily routines to continue your feminine wholeness journey back home.

Healing & Sensual Embodiment of the Mother, Maiden, & Goddess 

The Mother

Her light is compassion, nourishment, deep acceptance and grace. She is womb. She is safety.

Her dark is believing the lie that she will never be enough and that her value is in what she does for others. Her dark keeps her choosing productivity over pleasure and martyrdom instead of self-care.

Limiting Belief: I am not enough.

Liberating Belief: I am compassion

The Maiden

Her light is creativity, vitality, beauty, giddy energy. She is Spring-time. She is delight. She is authentically sexy.

Her dark is believing the lie that she is too much and that her value is in her looks alone. Her dark dismisses her creativity and her talents and believes she will not be loved if she expresses her authentic self.

Limiting Belief: I am too much.

Liberating Belief: I am delight.

The Goddess

Her light is power, radiance, connection, grace.

Her dark is believing the lie that she doesn't belong and that it is dangerous to shine. Her dark convinces her to make herself smaller than she really is and to doubt her calling and bigger purpose in the world. 

Limiting Belief: I do not belong and my light isn't needed.

Liberating Belief: I am powerful; my light is needed.

Each of these archetypes lives in us.

We identify with their dark or we identify with their light by the way we embody their limiting or liberating beliefs.

Empowerment and disempowerment live deep in our body. Our cells our coded with beliefs that light us up or shut us down. 

Through compassionate inquiry, sensual embodiment, and tender, healing breath, we can learn how to heal and set ourselves free to fulfill our sacred calling.

That's what we do on the Sophia Retreats.

Aside from giving you a time-out from your busy life, and filling you with the joy of laughter and glamorous carefree days....

The Sophia Experience Retreat is intended to be a holy container, the sacred time and space, for you to ask the question:

How can I be all of me?

How can I embody love, live in wholeness, and experience my feminine body as bliss?

The Brexley 

I chose the Brexley in Scottsdale very intentionally. 

It is stylish and sophisticated. 

It is luxurious.

It is private and relaxing. 

It will be the perfect backdrop to practice relating to ourselves as women from a place of worthiness. 

It is a private residence with a gate and a pool and it will be all our own! No other guests means we can create a tight and sacred container to feel whatever we need to feel-- laugh and cry as hard as we want and need in order to be set free.


We'll spend 4 days and 3 nights together in whimsical, restful glamour, cultivating the Sophia Way of Being from within.

Every morning you'll wake to enjoy coffee, tea and time to yourself to read or journal in the sun. A European breakfast of yogurt, museli, salted butter and toast, will be available to you. 

Around 9 or 10 we will begin our sensual embodiment practice and healing breath work. After nourishing our bodies with movement and preparing our spirit for the day,  we'll grab a light and healthy snack of nuts and fruit and then meet in the living room that opens up to the pool for a Sophia Teaching and training in the Art of Feminine Wholeness.

Days 1-2: Mother Archetype: Unlocking the healing power of self-love & compassion

Days 2-3: Maiden Archetype: Unfreezing the life-giving power of authentic sexiness, creativity & fun.

Days 3-4: Goddess Archetype: Awakening the transformative power of your connection to the divine and owning your light. 

Every afternoon you'll be free to go to lunch, order-in, lounge by the pool, go for a hike, read a book or magazine in the shade, journal your desires or meet with me 1-on-1.

Every evening before or after dinner we will gather for a meaningful ritual and candid conversation to integrate under the stars.

Some nights we'll get dressed up! Some nights we'll order in and stay in our PJs. Every part of us belongs-- the sexy starlet, the cozy yogi, the flower-crown free-spirit, the bohemian goddess. You'll be invited and supported to explore each part of you to discover and reclaim the beautiful parts of your own inner wholeness that have been lost or cut-off. 


     Investment: $2000 | $500 Non-refundable deposit to secure your spot.

    Price reflects the intimacy of the retreat and includes luxury accommodations in a shared room at the Brexley House in Scottsdale, Arizona. There are two room options: 1 room has two twin size beds. 2 other rooms have Queen beds. You'll have a roommate/bedmate like a slumber party!

    What's Included:

    • A shared room at the stylish private residence of the Brexley House
    • Welcome dinner
    • Prosecco and wine every evening
    • Tea and coffee available at all times
    • European breakfast daily
    • Sensual yoga practices every morning
    • Training in the art of feminine wholeness every afternoon
    • Candid conversations on sex, love, relationship wholeness
    • 3 guided rituals on healing and restoring the beauty of the Mother, The Maiden & The Goddess archetype within
    • 60 min 1-on-1 session with Morgan to devote to your biggest area of interest, and
    • Special Sophia gifts valuing over $100
    • Facebook group with 3 live interactive sessions before and after retreat

    What's Not Included:

    • airfare and transportation
    • lunch and dinners (Welcome Dinner on Night 1 is included)

    Themes we will be exploring

    • Innate spirituality and sexuality.
    • The 4 Wisdom Centers: Head (Intellect) Heart (Emotions) Hara (Instincts) Pussy (Desire).
    • The Sophia Source Code for Feminine Wholeness.
    • The Shadow & Light of the Maiden, Mother & Goddess Archetypes.
    • Sensual Embodiment Practices.
    • Healing Breathwork from the Tantric Tradition.
    • Limiting and Liberating Beliefs around sex and sexual wholeness.
    • Wild and Radical Self-Acceptance
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