Sophia & Jesus Connection

Sophia & Jesus Connection

As you may know, Sophia is a big deal in my world. Her name is greek for wisdom and she is often thought of as the "Wisdom of God."

I've often felt her as close and as dear as I feel Jesus.

When I confessed this to my husband, who was raised a conservative Christian, he was a bit uncomfortable with the notion. And he confessed his own religious conditioning made that idea seem a bit dangerous.

But he trust me and knows my heart and I didn't press him to make the Sophia/Christ connection his own.

He has his own relationship with God and I have mine. We respect and support that in each other.

I was so excited this week to see Richard Rohr's daily meditation on Sophia: Wisdom of God-- and curious to know who he thought Sophia was.

When I read his reflection, quoting the theologian Marcus Borg, I was floored:


In the first chapter of John, what the author says about “the Word of God” was said about Sophia in the Jewish tradition. Like the Word, Sophia was present with God before creation. Just as the Word was with God and was God, so Sophia was. And when John writes that the Word became flesh and dwelt among us as Jesus, he could just as well have said that Sophia became flesh and dwelt among us as Jesus. Jesus is the Wisdom/Sophia of God incarnate. 

Just as I suspected!

Sophia & Christ are intimately connected.

But what does this have to do with everyday life? Does this actually matter and relate to feminine wholeness and sexual well-being?


No matter what you believe spiritually, if you are a woman, you can benefit from connecting to the feminine aspect of God and recognizing Her presence within.

She has things to teach us.

And the way she teaches us isn't from the pulpit, but from the body...our own.

What I have personally experienced of Sophia this last year is this:

Sophia teaches us how to belong to ourselves, how to feel safe and at home and good in our own feminine bodies.

She shows a woman the way to freedom, power, peace and fulfillment.

She is a master of DELIGHT.

She is the part of you that is resilient, creative, brave, and FUN!

She can help you make choices in alignment with your highest values and deepest desires.

Sophia is the sexy, enlightened woman within who is in perfect harmony with her sexuality and spirituality.

How is this so? Because...

Sophia is the Queen of Wholeness.

And I think the world would be a better place and you if there were more Sophia women walking around. That's why I'm bringing you this hour-long masterclass for free.

I want you to awaken the Sophia within and feel how good it is to know yourself as the Queen of Wholeness.

It's happening next Thursday (one week from today). So mark your calendars now.

Thursday, November 16th at 12pm PST

If you can't make it live, I'll send you the replay! (But it's always best live because we get to share PRESENCE with one another).

I'm going to share with you 7 Essentials Keys to Awaken Your Inner Sophia. You'll learn:

• 3 critical mindset shifts to free you from religious and cultural shame

• 3 simple daily practices to turn on your Sophia goddess nature and become best friends with your body

• The deep reason modern women struggle to feel fulfilled (and how you can solve this in your own life)

• The 1 thing that is absolutely needed for spiritual & sexual wholeness

I'm so, so, so, infinitely so excited to share this with you.

PLEASE if you have friends who are curious about Sophia and/or Divine Feminine and/or Wholeness as a woman, please invite them to attend this masterclass with you by sending them this link:

(You can copy and paste this and share via text, email or on facebook!)

It's time, ladies, that we awaken in ever more practical and profound ways.

Freedom and goodness and love and wholeness are waiting for you.

Meet them here with me next Thursday.

Grace & Peace & Sophia!


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