Sinner or Saint?

Sinner or Saint?

What we believe about ourselves matters. It affects how we show up in every area of life-- including the bedroom?

Do we believe we are good at our core, or bad?

Do we believe our sexuality is awesome or dirty?

If you struggle with feeling bad about yourself-- feeling that your body is bad, or that you are a bad mom or bad wife, or that your emotions or desires are bad-- this video is for you.

The Spanish for Saint comes from the root word sanar, which means, to heal. 

(I learned this from Richard Rohr. I love that man!)

To be a saint is to be a healed or healing one. 

Every time you have decided NOT to cling to the wound that life or love has given you, you earned the right to be called saint.

You who are in the process of healing from layers of pain, family/religious/social conditioning, disappointment, heartbreak, fear, guilt or shame, you are in a saintly process.

Keep going.

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May we ALL know who we are at our core. May we all be restored to our hidden wholeness. 

Use the tools I have for you to help you get there. I'll walk you through this process of knowing that your sexuality is sacred and GOOD and that you actually ARE a saint, not a sinner...

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