Self-Care Tips for Your Best Body Ever

Self-Care Tips for Your Best Body Ever


Something I don’t share often is how seriously I struggled with food and body in my twenties.

It took a month of in-patient attendance at an eating disorder clinic to get the help I needed and onto a new path.

Now I’ve been healthier for longer than I was ever unhealthy and its weird to think I used to be that girl who never ordered anything but salad with dressing on the side.

Back then so much energy went into obsessing about food. And it did NOT do me any favors in the attraction department. My skin suffered. I had lackluster energy...and all the stress made me hold onto extra weight.

When I became a mom my body got softer and so did my relationship to it. I read Women, Food & God by Geneen Roth and I finally understood it wasn’t just my issue with food and body it was every woman’s. And then I began wondering how much women could accomplish—how much I could accomplish— if I traded all that time I spent obsessing about bread and gave myself over to living my own kind of romance and adventure.@hillaryliannamcbride put it perfectly, “What would you have energy for if you spent less time hating your body?”

One thing we would all have more energy for is actually ENJOYING our wholeness instead of longing for it.

Health is a foundation to wholeness we often take for granted. We can get so in our heads about all the “inner work” to be done that we forget to simply drink an adequate amount of water! When I really made Taking Supremely Good Care of the Basics job #1 of #femininewholeness, the “inner work” got a lot easier. It’s all connected. What you do for your body you do for your soul.

These days I truly feel like I have my best body ever.

My secrets?
No big secrets.

Just a friendship with my body and a deep love for feeling good and learning how to care for it more and more.

Here are some of the simple and practical things I’ve learned over the years that help me live into my best body ever— starting rom the inside out!


p.s. This weeks YouTube video is quite bad in production value (🤦🏼‍♀️so many things went wrong), but I still think it can serve you if you want simple, practical tips to live into your truest “best body ever”— a body that not only looks great to you on the outside but feels amazing on the inside because all it’s parts are functioning optimally.

You are invited!

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The Sophia Circle is our monthly gathering around the full moon for those who are in it to win it on the path of Feminine Wholeness. It's a dedicated time for you to step into sacred space to connect to other women, empower yourself and further embody your intention for 2019.

And if you can't be there live, you can catch the recording! I'll send it out to all who are registered.

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I'm also going to be giving you a PDF template when you come on Saturday. It's the template I use daily for my personal journaling practice. I taught it at the New Year Intention workshop and some of you just ran with it and are seeing such great results. I know many of you are probably visual learners like me and find it more helpful if you can print something out, so I'm going to make you one! This is just a bonus gift before I start selling it as part of the Sophia Planner (coming 2020!) Yes, I'm doing this to further motivate you to be there! Because...I know how much magic happens when you decide to just show up.

"I have been longing for a journal routine that feels exciting, refreshing, and in sync with what I value. Once I heard Morgan share about how she journals, my spirit, my soul, even my body stirred with enthusiasm. I’m happy to report that the enthusiasm has only increased as I’ve engaged with the prompts these past ten days. I skipped a day and found myself saddened not having the remembrance of that day. One of the best parts of the prompt is the visualization for the day. The first day I did it I visualized opportunities that would bring in revenue. That day three opportunities arose to do activities I love and make money doing them. I love how I get to be powerful and set the tone for my day by what I picture. It’s made me more present and aware which I believe is truly living and thriving." -Hailley Joy

"After journaling and using your method for intentions, which is magical, I really feel like I’m getting back to myself and gaining some clarity and direction again...It’s not often you find a place like this. I really feels like a sisterhood, something I’ve never know before. I can’t wait to see what the future holds! Lots of love, Emily."

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