Self-Care 101: An Introduction to Feminine Wholeness

Self-Care 101: An Introduction to Feminine Wholeness

If you are a woman, self-care begins with feminine wholeness.

What is feminine wholeness?

The Feminine is our access to the present, as well as a doorway to many other good things we want and need. (Like tenderness and pleasure, laughter and ease).

Wholeness the expression of our original essence. It's the You God created you to be. (And if you aren't sure how you feel about the word "God" feel free to replace it with Love, Universe or Higher Power).

Feminine Wholeness is an intentional journey to becoming more fully alive as a woman. It's about learning how to become embodied again, connected to our senses and our sensuality, trusting in our intuition and our intimate relationship with Spirit.

It's how we learn how to integrate our spirituality and our sexuality. Or, in other words, how we align our highest values and purpose on the Earth with our deepest desires and creativity.

It's a journey of a lifetime and everyday matters (This is one of my daily mantras: Life can begin again!).

Each moment is a fork in the road where we get to decide to stay in the same old trigger loops, or to grow into women who are confident, beautiful, playful and wise.

We here to change the world. Starting with how we care for ourselves through an ordinary day.

How do we self-care our way into changing the world? I got several practical ideas for you.... Download the cheat sheet below...

I call it the "Feminine Wholeness Printable" and it's a checklist of simple ideas that you can use as a quick guide to feeling back at home in your feminine body and soul. Grab it below (for free!).

Even when life ain't perfect, you can still choose to be your sexy and sacred best. This is the essence of self-care! And it benefits all those we love.

I want to hear from you:

What does feminine wholeness mean to you? What are your favorite self-care practices that help you feel your healthy and sexy best?

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