Just Breathe with Me {Mini-Pilgrimage Day 1}

Just Breathe with Me {Mini-Pilgrimage Day 1}

I felt in need of a great pilgrimage so I sat still for three days and God came to me. -Kabir


Welcome Day 1 of the 7-Day Romance & Adventure MiniPilgrimage, morgan!

I am so glad you are here, doing this sweet soul-refresher for yourself. Please come close.... Let me tell you a very important truth about who you are:

You are already whole.

Read slowly:

A pilgrimage of the heart (like this mini-one) is a journey that walks you gently back to the hidden wholeness within, revealing a world of true romance and meaningful adventure.

May the next 7 days bless you and set in motion a whole new way of living from the well within that never runs dry.

For Day 1 of this week-long journey, I want you to mindfully and loving say YES to the simplest, most life-giving act: Breathing.

Wise women know: How we do anything is how we do everything.

Learning to breathe with love (as I like to call it) is essential to living the kind of life we are made for. 

On average we breathe 22,000 times/day. That's 22,000 opportunities to devote ourselves back to love. When we tie a gentle awareness of our inhales and exhales to our desire to love and be loved, our very breath becomes prayers.

Remember this always: Love begins and ends in the act of paying attention.

This mini-pilgrimage is designed to give you a feel for how good life can be when we take just 5 minutes each day to pay attention and refresh the soul. It's a tiny taste of what we will be experiencing in the full Romance & Adventure Pilgrimage opening May 13th. 

Honor your reason for being here. Each of us signed up for this soul-refresher for a particular reason. Why did you sign up? Your matters. Make note of it now.

For the next 7 days I invite you to honor your why by devoting 5-min to each day's practice. If you truly want to be successful at this, you can be! Schedule your 5-min Pilgrimage Practice into your calendar now for the next 7 days.

Show up with your whole heart. Let the work be done from the inside out. This journey isn’t about striving or achieving or proving anything to anybody. This journey is about releasing, loving, and finding what is truly romantic and adventurous when allow ourselves to simply be.


Set a timer for 5 min.

Pick your favorite spot to sit.

Put your phone on airplane mode or leave it in another room.

Notice your breath.

On the inhale simply smile.

As you exhale nice and slow whisper "I am made for romance."

Inhale and smile again.

Exhale and whisper “I am made for adventure.”

For these few minutes before the timer goes off, this is all I want you to do. Your mind will tell you it’s not enough, but it is enough.

When your mind wanders (and it will), go back to your smile, reminding yourself to be compassionate and kind. Then come back to the mantra,

“I am made for romance. I am made for adventure.”

These aren't silly self-help affirmations. These simple sentences are an anchor, grounding you to the deepest truth in the universe. 

Being still is not easy, but it is the place where we find the deep well within where love and freedom can be sourced anytime and anywhere.

After the timer goes off check in with yourself. How do you feel?


How do you feel?

Grab your journal and note it.

Are you more relaxed or agitated than when you began?

The mantra calls out our own beliefs-- not what we believe with our head, but what we believe in our body/heart/soul.

Our body doesn't lie: If we do not feel we are worthy of romance and adventure our body may tell us by becoming anxious or tense. This is so helpful for us to know! Don't be upset with yourself. Just note where you are at today. All love begins in the act of paying attention, remember?

Our whole being wants to be reconciled with the deepest truths of the universe and we will be. Love is on pursuit of us and Love always wins.

Just keep paying attention, returning to your breath. When we slow down and softly speak these deepest truths over ourselves, we give our whole being the opportunity to move toward what we want in love rather than fear.

Here is the secret I teach my one-on-one clients: We LOVE ourselves into wholeness.

Whether our struggle is with our body, relationships, sex, motherhood or purpose in life, tender, compassionate, loving, presence is how we get back to the hidden wholeness within.

There is no need to force anything. It’s all happening from the inside out. We start small, just by linking our breath to pure prayers of love, and then one day we wake up and notice life is not quite the same: It is glistening with a quality of romance and adventure we never knew before.

Be tender, smile, practice saying kind and truthful things, and just breathe. 

You are made for romance and you are made for adventure.

See you back here tomorrow for Day 2.

Grace & Peace,


p.s. Share a pic on Instagram from your first day on the pilgrimage and tag @morgandaycecil @romanceandadventure #RApilgrimage.

p.p.s. If you like guided meditations, or need some help staying focused on your breath, download the free Breathe with Love Meditation I made for you to make it easier to say YES to this soul-refreshing practice.

Day 1 CORE TRUTH: You are made for romance & adventure.

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Meet Your Guide


Hi! I'm Morgan. I wanted to share a little about me for those who are new here! (Welcome!)

I come from a personal and family history of anxiety and depression. That dark world almost swallowed me whole, but it didn't; I found the path of romance, adventure and feminine wholeness instead.

I overcame my own struggles with womanhood (issues with sex, food, self-worth, motherhood and career) to find a relationship with myself marked by joy. By way of yoga and meditation and intense professional training in sexual well-being and healthy relationships, I found my way into my current work as an Integrated Feminine Wholeness Coach specializing in Sex, Love & Relationships.

I am so in love with this job where I get to partner with incredible woman (like you!) to help them FEEL in their bodies and soul what they are made to feel. I hope this Mini-Pilgrimage gives you a taste of what's possible when you come home to yourself.

My all time favorite quote is "The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return." That sums up the message of Jesus to me, perfectly. It's always and forever about Love.

Fun facts: My husband and I sometimes do a podcast called Sexy Tuxedo Jesus. I once was a flight attendant and I love traveling. My favorite place is Italy and I'll be there with 9 of you in July for the Sophia Embodied Retreat! That one is sold out but I'll be opening up a September Sophia Retreat in Palm Springs soon. Our family of 4 lives in Portland, Or.

I'm so happy you are here. And I'm always just on the other side of these emails, so don't hesitate to hit "reply" and say hello! I look forward to it!

You can also say "hi!" on instagram or facebook.

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