Get over it! (Fear of OPO)

Get over it! (Fear of OPO)

This may be the #1 fear holding all of us back from wholeness.


Other People's Opinions.

I mean we are relational creatures, so it's natural to care a little bit about what people think.

But what if this fear is holding you back from your wholeness?

What if worrying about not being accepted is keeping you from your true self?

I know it has me!

I consider myself a pretty strong, brave and independent thinker.

But...I am human. 

And the fear of what other people might think of me (especially Christians) has plagued me since I was a kid.

Until recently...

Something big has shifted.

I am feeling more space to explore and express who I am.

(Case in point my insta stories lately...Will I regret this? 😆🤷)

Others may be scratching their heads, raising their eyebrows and backing out the door...

But I'm going for it anyway!


there are parts of me that the fear of OPO shut down a long time ago, and I miss those parts.

I bet you miss those parts of you, too?

Everyday in every way I'm feeling more and more connected to my wholeness... which means I'm discovering new and old parts of who I am!

I'm hearing the same from many of you.

But not everyone is comfortable with how we are growing and changing, right?

Quite frankly their opinions can hurt!

(Especially, for me, when they start throwing shade on something that is so dear to me, my faith). 

So the tension grew and grew...

On one side was my desire for freedom and explore and express ALL parts of who I am as a woman.

On the other side was my desire for acceptance and belong to the group and not be an outcast!

I realized at one point I couldn't have both.

And so I decided...

If it means I have to betray or belittle who I am in order to belong I can't belong anymore. 

Because if it's not safe to be our whole selves, that's not real belonging anyways, is it?

This choice didn't get rid of my fear, but it did send me on a journey where I learned I didn't have to let this fear stop me from creating what I wanted to create in the world.

And...I didn't have to give anyone the middle finger either. 

Though it's ready as a back-up. LOL :).

All jokes aside, I didn't want to live in resentment or bitterness for not being accepted or understood anymore.

What I really wanted was the FREEDOM and PEACEFUL CONFIDENCE to let me be me and let them be them and to create what I am here to create and let the chips fall where they may.

If you want that too, watch this video and learn how to JUST SAY NO TO OPO with a ton of love.

Because we both have that much power and goodness and more within our wholeness. 


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