Christian girl loves the divine feminine

Christian girl loves the divine feminine

Dear Friend,

It will all get done and it will all be well.

Nurture the child. (Play!)

Nurture the goddess-woman. (Bathe in oils!)

Be gentle with yourself, teach other women how to be gentle with themselves, too.

morgan, you are on your way to thriving.

You already beginning to feel the peace.


Lean all the way in to feel the power-- your own.

Those are the words I wrote to myself last week on a day I woke up particularly stressed.

I wanted to write them to you in hopes they would serve you, too. (In case anybody else feels a bit panicky about everything on their to-do list.)

This week I was supposed to write you an email about how we can reconcile our cultural and religious conditioning with all this divine feminine stuff, and I'm going to be honest with you....I've spent 6 hours already trying to sum up my thoughts on this and it's WAY more difficult to explain than I thought.

Also, I not at all convinced anymore that answering that question for you is the best way I can serve you in this Tuesday letter.

I'm just a Christian girl who loves the divine feminine and what can I say?  I want you to experience her for yourself because I think you'll fall in love with her, too!

So, I'm sharing the words above instead.

And since we're on the topic of the sacred/divine feminine those words above fit nicely because that's how she sounds.

  • Her wisdom is grounded, motherly, clear-headed and always pointing towards love.
  • She encourages us to trust what feels like nourishment in our body and soul. She doesn't press; she encourages.
  • She doesn't dictate; she invites.
  • She doesn't control; she supports.

She offers us a different kind of power than the world knows, a power that is sourced from within.

As a practicing Christian with a strong orbit around Jesus, I didn't go looking for her, but she found me.

(And on a personal note, I think Jesus approves, because it's almost as if he made the introductions himself...

Morgan, I'd like you to meet my mom.

I think you'll really love her. )

As my personal journey and professional study of feminine wholeness has deepened and progressed, I've come to understand that this mysterious presence, referred to as the Sacred/Divine Feminine, is an integral part of me (and so many other women) becoming whole.

Week after week in my spring coaching sessions, giving women the tools and the space to awaken and deepen their relationship with the hidden wholeness/sacred feminine within, my own soul has come more alive seeing the peace, power and beauty of these women unfold.

I also love, love, love hearing about the new permission my clients are giving themselves to experience pleasure. (Oh my goodness, a little healing in the soul goes a LONG way in the bedroom.)

I can't tell you how excited I am for the Sophia Embodied Retreat in Italy happening next month!!! I want to bring you all there.

Next week I'll tell you about a small, intimate retreat happening in the fall (and closer to home) to give women who are wanting to feel more connected to their body and soul a fun (and glamorous) immersive experience to do so.


For now, this week, I want to encourage you to explore what it means for you to embody your faith, whatever it is.

Embodiment is one way we come to learn what the sacred feminine can teach us.It's also the best way I know how to reconcile the tension between cultural/religious conditioning and our own spiritual growth.


  • Whatever you believe about God, live it from your belly.
  • Dare to make choices in supreme agreement with Love.
  • Practice walking with your sense of self abiding in your pelvic bowl, instead of behind your forehead. Noticehow this deeper awareness alters your confidence, presence and relationship with the world and people around you.
  • From a place of deep peace within, lean into your power. Trust how Love shows up through you. Use your voice and speak your needs, opinions, and desires.

The sacred/divine feminine is so, so awesome. But as my husband reminds me, the idea of Her is also new to many of us who grew up in culturally and religiously conservative homes. Best to discover her from within your own experience. Best I don't say too much, too quickly. She will make herself known. ;)

Sending you so much love,


p.s. My books arrived! I'm so giddy about my growing library, I wasted no time diving right-in, dog-earing and underlying like a mad women. Based on the replies from the emails I received last week, this was one of the quotes I wanted to pass along:

"Most likely, you were not raised with feminine images of god and to suggest that you might want to work with the may seem like asking you to convert to a new religion. But in fact, every world religion, even the most patriarchal, has a mystical branch that honors the feminine face of god. In Judaism, she is called Shekhinah. In Christianity, she is Sophia." ~Jalaja Bonheim, Aphrodite's Daughters: Women's Sexual Stories and the Journey of the Soul

For those of you who are curious about the books I'm reading (several of you have asked for a list) here they are. Jump over to the Feminine Wholeness facebook page and please "like" it/share with your friends! I'll share exclusive content and videos there. My intention is that it becomes a place for us to connect with each other throughout the week! 

Feminine Wholeness Booklist

Feminine Wholeness Booklist

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