The choice all women have (to be glamorous or not)

The choice all women have (to be glamorous or not)

At truckstop in Southern Oregon, ragged, un-showered, minivan full of pop-tart wrappers, camping gear, and wining kids, I hugged my husband hard and then looked at him straight in the eye and said,


We both laughed hard.

Because at the moment we both felt a LONG way from the two sexy adults that rendezvoused in Spain.

Road tripping with two young kids in a minivan dusted with pirate bootie doesn't look glamorous. And...

The outside world affects our inside world a lot.

It's true, in certain environments (Mediterranean) it's easier to feel more glamorous than in others (stinky minivan)....but the choice is BE glamorous is still our personal choice in each.

In other words, how we experience the world is up to us.

Whether we are in a great dress and heels or ripped jeans and t-shirt, romance and adventure are equally available to us.

I know it doesn't always feel that way, but I know in my heart that it's true.

So how do we glamorously effect or shift our experience?

This is what I find so magical and intriguing about the inner work of Feminine Wholeness!

When we find the place within us where the Sexy and the Sacred meet, we gain agency over our experience. This means...

The world (and the people) around us no longer determine how much (or how little) glamour or fun or sacred significance we get to enjoy. We get to choose it!

Love is something we cultivate and co-create from within.

Getting back on the road after our moment at the truck stop, I realized I could do somethings to try to make my experience on the long ride home in the minivan a bit more pleasurable and fun, i.e. a more inspiring reflection of Love. And who would I be if I didn't try?

  • The first thing I did was don my favorite essential oils. Because a woman who delights in her senses is a woman who is intimate with the sexiness of life!
  • The second thing I did was put on red lipstick. Because a little bit of red lipstick goes a long way in making any situation more glamorous.
  • The third thing I did was smile and run through a simple Feminine Wholeness breathing practice. Because a woman who slows down and breathes with love is a woman who trusts in the deepest truths in the universe...All is Love and Love is Here.
  • The last thing I did was reach over and put my hand on my husband's thigh and tell him how sexy he is. ;)

And I'm happy to report, it worked.

I'm grateful for the tools I have to deeply affect my experience of the world. Though they are simple tools, they are tools I simply didn't have for the first thirty years of my life.

Of course, there is a lot more to the journey of Feminine Wholeness than red lipstick and deep breathing (but why not start here!), and if you're a woman who wants greater agency in her life to create more of the experiences she desires, than I can't recommend investing time and energy into this deep inner-work enough.

Because it is deep.

Whether what you want is glamour or inner-peace, to feel super confident or supremely sexy, you can have it.

It's already within you.

It's just a matter of gaining access to it and with the right help that can happen faster than you think!

In the words of Barbara (a mother of four!) I worked with last spring via One-on-One coaching,

"Morgan has equipped me with the tools I need to experience peace at any moment, despite my circumstances, and also to find the wisdom I desperately have been searching for to heal from the wounds I have been carrying around with me for over half of my lifetime. I have let go of the belief that my partner needs to change in order for me to feel whole, vibrant and alive. I am amazed at the power I now have to love and care for myself, and then love my partner better, from my own wholeness. This is priceless. I have never experienced anything like this with another coach or counselor."

All that happened in just 2 months!

I didn't wave a magic wand, but I did take her through a lazor-focused process to help her restore a powerful relationship with her own feminine wholeness. It's amazing and I can't wait to tell you more about it!

Last Spring I begin my practice as Integrated Feminine Wholeness Coach, starting with just 4 clients. Barbara was one of those brave souls to work with me right out of the gate! This fall I'll be opening up 6 more spots for those who are serious about getting real results, like Barbara did, on their own Feminine Wholeness journey.

If you're interested in working with me one-on-one, click here to get on the list.

Tomorrow I'll share a bit more about what makes this process so effective and special and who it's a best fit for. I'll also let you hear from the other 3 clients I worked with so you can be inspired that CHANGE IS POSSIBLE.

For many years, my child-like hope for the world has been for all people everywhere to get to live their own true romance and meaningful adventure.

Now, three years into my own intense Feminine Wholeness healing and professional work studying Sex, Love, and Relationship transformation, I know how to help women get there. This makes me very happy and excited!

May you do something today that empowers you to feel as beautiful, and glamorous and fun and sacred as you are.

Grace & Peace,


p.s. One more spot open for Palm Springs! The Sophia Experience Retreat is an immersive experience into the practices and principles of Feminine Wholeness. It's glamorous and fun and intimate-- just 6! Get more details and/or apply here.


Photo: Sophia Embodied Retreat in Italy, 2017.

Note: This is the last retreat of 2017! And no other retreats are currently planned for 2018, because we may be moving. So if you need a reason to take a leap of faith and sign up, let this be your reason. Don't wait unnecessarily long for the experience your heart desires. This experience might change your whole life. Say Yes to Love!


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