5 Elements of Feminine Healing

5 Elements of Feminine Healing

5 Elements of Healing Mini-Guide


When it comes to our sexuality, few of us women feel confident or whole.

Even though we are adults, with careers and mortgages and children of our own, the word SEX is still triggering. It’s like one part of us never grew up. We still feel awkward and ashamed and we don’t know why. If we are married, we may struggle feeling safe or free with our own spouse. Married or single we may feel shame around orgasms or our own body.

Pleasure is triggering. Attention, though we crave it, feels dangerous.

Some days we feel good and whole and sex is a glorious part of the human experience. Other days we feel dirty and disgusted and we curse this fleshy aspect of love. There is actually a really good reason why we feel conflicted: Have you ever felt sexually shamed? Used? Abused? Have you ever felt scared or unsafe just because you are a woman with a woman’s body?

Dan Allender, author of Healing the Wounded Heart, says that 1 in 2 women have suffered some kind of sexual trauma. Even if it wasn’t rape, even if we are unclear about what happened, even if it was just an ambiguous comment from a relative, it’s trauma. Any encounter that leaves us feeling powerless, get’s stored deep in our bones.

Even if we discount our own history, our body doesn’t forget, and most of us have not been given the space to acknowledge our experiences, or taught how to heal. Allender says, “The harm (from sexual trauma) doesn’t go away by time, prayer, by wishing, or by positive thinking.” We need healing modalities that address the body and the brain, the heart and the soul. And we need each other, to remember we aren’t alone.

The journey of sexual wellbeing is a journey every woman must take.

Wholeness is our birthright and the sacred feminine will lead us home. What is the sacred feminine? It’s your body and the holy energy dancing through it.

Even if you’ve lived your whole adult life feeling disconnected from yourself, you can find your way home: Embodied in this moment. Trusting what lights you up. Unashamed to feel good. Grateful to give and receive pleasure. Intimate with the Wild and Wise Woman within. Safe and free in your own skin. Powerful and creative in the world.

The path of sexual wellbeing is a journey of learning how to own and hone your presence as a woman in the world.

Through my personal journey and my professional work as an Integrated Sex, Love, & Relationship coach, I have discovered five universal and powerful elements of healing.  

They are:

1. Story

On the healing journey we learn about who we are through the sharing of our personal stories. With maturity, we learn how to tell these stories in a way that honors the wholeness within.  Your story is your secret power of redemption. It’s your key to connection.

2. Breath

This is our most intimate relationship. It is sacred. It is wisdom. Some call it Spirit. Whatever you call it, it knows how to lead you home, home being where you know you are safe loved. To learn how to breathe again (and breathe freely and deeply) is one of the most empowering things we can do to aid self-healing. The breath teaches us mindfulness and tenderness (compassion), two proven healing technologies.

3. Dance

By dance I mean any kind of healing movement. Movement as medicine. Movement linked with BREATH, expressing STORY. Movement as lament. Movement as celebration. Movement as healing and transformation.

4. Knowledge

Knowledge is power. Sometimes we don’t know what we don’t know. One key piece of letting go of the shame we feel as women is giving ourselves permission to learn, to marvel, to study, and to know our own bodies. Gaining intimate knowledge of our own feminine landscape and who we are as women is healing.

5. Shared Experience

The healing journey requires courage and company. We need courage to be vulnerable, to be known, and to be accepted even in the areas we struggle to accept ourselves. We need company to continue on when the going gets tough. Shared experience keeps us moving forward when we are tempted to turn back.

I created a PDF to take you a little deeper into these five elements, and to introduce you to a few of the most profound and transformative practices you can begin applying today. I’m so excited to share them with you! Click on the link below and I'll send you the 5 Elements of Healing right to your inbox for free.

Healing Can Be Gentle & Fun

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