2018: The Year of Wholeness {Sophia Virtual Retreat}

2018: The Year of Wholeness {Sophia Virtual Retreat}

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You know what I think a fantastic way to welcome in the new year would be?


Specifically, declaring together that 2018 is our Year of Wholeness.

Last year I offered a local workshop on creating powerful intention laced with embodied feminine wisdom for the new year, and it went so well, this year I want to share the experience with you!

If you want to make sure when the calendar turns from 2017 to 2018 you are ready with your best self, if you desire 2018 to be your Year of Wholeness, too, if you love toasting with Prosecco at 9 am, then I invite you to a very special virtual Sophia Retreat...

The Backstory

Last year my word was Sophia. 

All of 2017 I returned again and again and again to this word.

I picked "Sophia" not just because I liked that it means wisdom in greek,  but because when I read the word or felt it on my lips, my cells would recall a feeling of spacious delight, infinite tenderness and compassion. I desired more of this feeling to permeate every area of my life.

So SOPHIA became my embodied intention.

And that one word became a compass for me to find my way through motherhood, marriage, embodied spirituality, business growth, and awakening sexually as a 30-something woman.

It was through a New Year's Intention Setting workshop that I held in my town that this word was revealed to me and set in motion my "Sophia Year." And what I year it was!

In 2017:

  • I created a safe place online for the journey and study of Feminine Wholeness for nearly 200 women and lead Sophia Retreats in Italy and Palm Springs
  • I undertook a 600hr intensive on Sex, Love & Relationship coaching and found my own capacity for true self-love and total freedom in the bedroom
  • I grew my business from "fun-money" to signing a lease on my own office space downtown
  • My faith deepened and enriched as I learned how to embody my authentic spirituality
  • And, last but not least, awakened turn-on and orgasms galore!  (Hello feeling like a cat on a hot tin roof!)

The workshop had a profound impact on others, too. 

Several of the women in attendance have recently emailed me or messaged me on facebook telling me how much that workshop and the Word they left with set-up their whole year for healing and growth.

It's so clear to me:

Intention setting and intentional living is a huge part of stepping into greater ownership of your own feminine wholeness.

That's why it brings me great joy to guide you step-by-step via a sexy and fun virtual Sophia Retreat to give you the time and sacred space you need to really set-up your year for success.  

What's in store for our time together:

Before the event, you'll receive detailed instructions of how to prepare to make the most of your Sophia Virtual Retreat.

We'll meet live in our private Zoom room (aka Sacred Sophia Sanctuary) and I'll welcome you with a dance party!

Then, together we will light a candle and I'll lead you through a breathwork practice designed to take you gently and deeply into your body where holy whispers telling the secrets of your own hidden wholeness can be heard.

When we are sufficiently grounded and present I will begin the teaching on Intention and lead you through a deepening process to arrive at your unique "Wholeness Pairing" for 2018. 

"2018 is Your Year of Wholeness & ______________________"

Every single woman has at least two words for 2018. Wholeness and something else.

It is absolutely true that the year ahead holds more wholeness for you, if you want it, but what direction are we to move in order to get it? What does your body/mind/spirit need so that you can experience the wholeness you are made for?

This is an awesome process that takes you beneath the layers of your superficial wants/needs/etc to discover something that may surprise you and really help you head in the right direction from January 1.

Next, to "grease the wheels" on your desires and bring real neuronal momentum to your path of wholeness, we'll activate your 5 senses in a way that gives your nervous a "preview" of where you are headed, allowing the deepest parts of you to feel safe making changes in your life that lead to greater thriving.

We'll break for a powerful self-care adventure, that I'll detail for you. 

When we return from our personal time you will feel both relaxed and ready for our final process together to help you cast a clear vision for the woman you are becoming. I'll also share with you the proven strategy that helps that vision stay front and center all the way through the coming year.

We'll close by opening up the circle to share/declare our intentions for 2018  and receive the blessing of our collective presence and support.

What you'll walk away knowing:

You'll leave the virtual retreat empowered and excited to really own 2018 as your year of wholeness. To support you in making that divine dream a reality, you'll walk away with a clear and simple focus for your year, along with simple strategies and the joy of knowing your personal direction for greater fulfillment and bliss as a woman.

The Details

When: Saturday, January 30th 9am-12pm

Where: Your Living Room / Portal to the Sacred Sophia Sanctuary

Registration: $99



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