Best Rest Ever: Download Yoga Nidra Meditation Now

Good rest is one of the key pillars of self-care.

But...few of us women feel truly rested. 

Our mind spins and we can't fall asleep, or we fall asleep only to wake up again at 3am. 

If this is your norm, I got something you need to try to help you unwind.

It's a yoga nidra meditation and it's free.


What is yoga nidra?

I'm so glad you asked! Yoga nidra is a practice of deep rest, taking you into the deepest possible state of relaxation while still maintaining full consciousness. 

It's a practice that is currently being studied to help those who suffer from PTSD because it's so effective at reducing tension and anxiety.

Read a few testimonials I pulled from you guys!

This was my first time ever trying a meditation. It was 4:30 am I couldn’t sleep. Now I feel calm and at peace ready to rest. Thank you!”
— Jamila Coleman
That was amazing! I have never felt more at peace. I felt completely enveloped in the love and presence of God - a beautiful practice, thank you!
— Emma Gravitis
I could never thank you enough for giving your time to make this for us. I am only 20 years old and have had insomnia from night terrors and other sleeping problems from ptsd basically all of my life. The past year sleeping medicine was not even helping....then I found you! Your practice gave me peaceful sleep that I never thought I’d have again. I am listening to this guided meditation every single night before going to bed, and almost a month into doing it, it has not failed me yet! Thank you’s truly a miracle.
— Taylor Cambel

I'm making this guided meditation available to everyone for free.

If it serves you, you can pay it forward by hitting the share button below and letting your friends/family know about this free tool. (Goodness knows we'd all feel so much better with a bit more rest!) 

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