10 Tips for a Spicy Marriage

10 Tips for a Spicy Marriage

I know that the holiday season isn't really a time businesses focus on romantic relationships.

(That's February's thing!)

But in my world, LOVE is always on my mind and..

I'm not one to play by the rules.

So that's why I'm bringing you 10 Tips to a Spicy Marriage today.

*WARNING THIS VIDEO IS NOT LIKE MY OTHERS! It's rated at least PG13 and requires your sense of humor.* I say "vagina" and "wet" in the same sentence. Fair warning! Wear your headphones if you are at the office or around kids.*

These 10 tips are not your typical “tips for a spicy marriage.” They come straight from our 10 year relationship and will not only help you create more spice in your love life, they’ll help you create more laughter too. Because laughter is the BEST and we all could use some holiday cheer, yes!?

Since taking a huge break from social media, I'm feeling more empowered to do things my way.

For instance...I didn't do a Black Friday deal or a Cyber Monday deal because

1). I'm not really a Black Friday/Cyber Monday kind of a gal

2). I love you and I respect your inbox and I care for your sanity more than making a quick buck

However, deals are great and I know we all love saving money!

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Now back to our tips for relationship romance and how to make this season spicy

That's right, spicy! (Or is it spicey?) I don't know! But I do know...

the holidays can sometimes be a time when it's easy to get stressed out and feel annoyed or flat out mad at the people we are meant to feel the most love for...

But maybe this year it doesn't have to be like that.

Maybe this year...

If you're married, you'll use these tips to lift Santa's spirits and fill his red britches with joy.


If you're single, maybe you'll use these tips to meet the one you can enjoy being your truest self with for the long run.

Either way, you can have an amazing holiday season if you want it. Look around you... there is so much to smile about already!

Grace & Peace & a Head Start on the Most Fun Loving Christmas Season Ever,


p.s. If you need help tapping into the part of you that knows how to be fun-loving, light-hearted, confident, sexy and joyful, you clicked this link already, right? And you know the coupon code to save 80%, right? (Here it is again if you don't want to scroll up: JOYFUL). This code will be valid until Dec. 13th.

So what do you have to lose? Except for precious time being your happiest, truest self! You got that joy inside, I know! Maybe you just need to be reaquainted, you know? In the words of a client I saw just last week after her very first hypnotherapy session with me:

"I feel like I met and fell in love with myself yesterday. Last night I kept stealing glances of my reflection because I wanted to see that woman I met."

You asked for it!

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