One-on-One Feminine Wholeness Coaching with Morgan Day Cecil

Permission to thrive

When you work with me one-on-one, you become a master at giving yourself all kinds of permission, including:

The Permission to be successful in the most meaningful ways.

The permission to know your body and love your body. 

The permission to really enjoy sex.

The permission to embrace your inner contradictions (both bond girl and nun can exist here).

The permission to trust what you know and follow your biggest dreams.

The permission to be loved and receive good things (like compliments and gifts and help) from others.

The permission to not have it all figured out.

The permission to pass on happiness to your children.

The permission to love all parts of yourself into wholeness.

And (my favorite)....

The Permission to shine. 

As a woman. As you!

If you are going through any kind of  life transition (marriage, motherhood, career, religious deconstruction, or physical relocation), or have suddenly woken up to how your shadow-side has been holding you back from having the love, relationship, and life that you want, let's work together to help you use this season to launch into your Best (and sexiest) Self.

Whether you need help to clearly hear your own inner wisdom and step into what's next with courage, confidence and joy...


you want the insider knowledge, accountability and support of someone who has walked the path before you and come out victorious-- I'm your girl. 

So, what do you want?

I want to love my body (& myself)

Permission to be imperfect and so, so free.

Loving your body and your whole self is essential for happiness. Working one-on-one with me you will learn truly effective tools for creating self-love and cultivating an inner ecology of tenderness and empowerment that will allow you to experience breakthroughs in every area of your life.

The good news: Learning to love your body and yourself is WAY possible (and in WAY less time than you think). When you have the support of a coach, and her holistic toolbox, your body image and inner ecology can dramatically shift in just 6 weeks.


I want to love sex (& be really good at it)

Permission to let go of shame and say yes to connection.

All of us are born with the potential for a vibrant, life-giving, creative and healthy sexuality. Almost everyone, especially women, lose contact with their essential wholeness and pleasure power, resulting in fear, guilt, shame and separation/loneliness in the very area that was meant to bring connection, joy, and nourishment and union. Working with a professional you trust is an absolute must for any women who is not experiencing the pleasure and freedom she desires in the bedroom.Working one-on-one with me you will be given the holistic tools to rewire your relationship with sex. You'll also get the healthiest sex-education you missed out on growing up, so that you can finally experience the orgasms and intimate connection you long for.

The good news: Whatever your current relationship is with sex, the full possibility of a vibrant and healthy (and fun!) sexuality is available to you. Your body is resilient and made for pleasure. With proven practices and a holistic model of sexuality, you can become a woman who knows how to create a sex life that deeply nourishes her. 

I want to love my relationship (& my life)

Permission to create the most awesome marriage your lineage has ever seen.

We are made for sacred relationship. Sacred relationship holds space for safety, love, belonging and becoming between two people. Inside this highest companionship we get the gift of sharing and experiencing Love.  Healthy relationships have the power to heal the deepest parts of us, allowing us to blossom and come more alive than ever before. But...relationships, even loving ones, also have the power to wound. Many women report feeling less alive inside their marriages and they describe their experience as one of withering instead of blossoming. Working one-on-one together I will guide you into new knowledge of the inner workings of love and how to experience and grow in healthy intimacy.

The good news:  Experiencing the fullness of Love is your destiny! The struggles you are currently experiencing in your relationship is an invitation to move beyond old patterns. You are ready to evolve into a more life-giving dynamic. Learning how to see yourself and your partner with loving new eyes is incredibly magic and it doesn't just change your relationship, it changes your life.


Let's work together

My role

I am a light for you. My presence as your coach is to hold safe space and offer trusted, professional guidance for you to achieve your desires. I will offer you the holistic practices and exercises that aid in the healing and transformation journey. I will teach you what you need to know about the rewiring process (redeeming the past and overcoming cultural/religious conditioning) so that you can embody what you desire as a woman. I will hold you to your highest self and remind you again and again, with tender and resolute encouragement, what is possible for you when you live a life of Love.

your role

You are making a commitment to yourself and the life you are made to live as a woman. You don't have to know the path you need to take or figure it out anymore alone.  My role is to offer guidance and options and possibilities for you to achieve your personal goals. Your role is show up for our calls together willing to be loved exactly as you are and masterfully coached into greater possibilities.  Investing in this work together means you are willing to do the inner work involved in creating change and are willing to trust in the process of personal transformation.

How our sessions work

We will meet via Skype for our 60 min sessions 1/week for 6 weeks. In our time together we will see to it that you gain the specific tools you need to thrive. Each week I'll give you powerful embodiment practices and specific self-care homework that will support you in your personal goals. 

The details // what's included

  • 6 1-on-1 coaching calls // $1800 value
  • Meditations recorded just for you  // $500
  • 1 Emergency Phone a Friend Call // $140
  • Admission to all local workshops and women circles // up to $1000 
  • Access to the Romance & Adventure Sutras Self-Study & The Romance & Adventure Guide + Template for Success Workbooks // $1000
  • Weekly self-care lists, exercises, and snail mail postcards of encouragement // priceless

Value: $4,400

Your investment: $1500

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Let's begin...

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